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Memphis Tree Service Experts Uses Tree Pruning to Save an Ailing Tree


Memphis, Tennessee – When John Fleming noticed signs of ill-health on his fruit tree, he immediately contacted Memphis Tree Service Experts to get help. His decision to contact the company early enough saved his oak tree – the company’s team of qualified professionals in Memphis caught the disease before it spread throughout the tree. Using the Memphis tree pruning team, the company removed the infected branches, keeping the disease from jumping into the main trunk and killing the tree. 


“The family is extremely observant when it comes to trees,” said John Fleming. “Every weekend the kids and the wife take a walk around the landscape just looking at the trees. While this may seem like a tedious task to an outsider, it has helped the family save a large number of trees over the years. Most recently, the task helped the family discover a tree that was suffering from a health problem.”

John Fleming told a group of reporters that the ailing tree he discovered recently has been on the landscape for more than 100 years. He noted that losing such a tree would have been a very big blow to his family. For this reason, John was more than willing to pay any amount of money that could help him save the tree. 

The homeowner, however, was surprised when Mephis Tree Service Experts quoted a very affordable price for the tree improvement procedure. With such an affordable price, the homeowner decided to hire the company immediately. 

“The family was expecting a bunch of prescriptions from the team when they arrived on the landscape to work on the sick tree,” said John Fleming when describing his experience with Memphis Tree Service Experts. “Everyone was surprised when the team explained how it would restore health on the oak tree. They noted that tree pruning would be enough as the disease had not attacked the main trunk. Removing the infected branches would eliminate the disease. It has been two weeks since the team worked on the tree – the oak tree seems perfectly healthy.” 

To understand how Memphis Tree Service Experts helps property owners keep their trees healthy, reporters contacted the company’s CEO. 

“The key to saving diseased trees is moving quickly,” said the Memphis Tree Service Experts CEO. “By acting quickly, you keep the disease from growing on the tree. While most people assume that medications are the only ideal solution for sick trees, tree pruning also helps with saving trees from pests and diseases in Memphis. John Fleming is one of the thousands of clients for whom tree pruning has been an effective treatment method.” 

For the past 25+ years, Memphis Tree Service Experts has been doing more than just improving tree health in Memphis. The company has also been using its Memphis tree trimming team to improve the aesthetic appeal of trees. The company’s Memphis tree removal team has been helping homeowners get rid of trees blocking property development projects, dead trees, and trees that have turned into hazards. 

“For years now,” said the company’s chief of field operations, “the company has been acquiring modern tree service tools to ensure that its team can handle all professional tree services in Memphis. Armed with stump grinders, cranes that control the falling direction of trees during tree removal, bucket trucks that make tree trimming and tree pruning easy, and safety tools that minimize the risks of injuries, the company’s teams can handle all tree care procedures in Memphis.” 

Memphis Tree Service Experts base of operation is located at 3080 Crump Ave, Memphis, TN 38112, United States. Homeowners, however, can book their tree care procedures via +1 901-441-7899 and [email protected]

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