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Tree Service Experts Pasadena Handles Tree Trimming on 2 Palms Standing Next to Powerlines


Pasadena, California – A company that boasts the ability to safely complete complicated tree service procedures, Tree Service Experts Pasadena has impressed a new client after trimming 2 trees standing next to powerlines. The homeowner – Patrick Kennan – was impressed with how the company’s Pasadena tree trimming team used ropes to slowly lower down the cut branches. 


“Year after year, the family has had to postpone tree trimming for the 2 palm trees because finding a team willing to work on them was nearly impossible,” said Kennan. “This year, however, a neighbor suggested Tree Service Experts Pasadena. The family expected the company to refuse the tree trimming request.”

“After looking for a team that would handle the tree trimming procedure for more than 3 years,” added Kennan, “the family had become used to companies refusing to work on the trees. However, to the family’s surprise, Tree Service Experts Pasadena agreed to trim the 2 trees.”

Kennan noted that most of the companies he had approached earlier refused to work on his palm trees because they feared the branches would land on powerlines. According to the homeowner, most of the companies lacked advanced tree maintenance gear. 

“When the Tree Service Experts Pasadena team arrived on the landscape,” said Kennan, “they had some of the most advanced tree maintenance tools the family has ever seen. The company brought a crane, a bucket truck, ropes, power cutting tools, and numerous safety tools. The company was prepared to handle any situation that would arise during the tree trimming procedure.” 

Kennan noted that Tree Service Experts Pasadena first requested the power company to switch off the electricity to increase safety during the tree trimming procedure. Once the electricity was off, the company utilized its bucket truck to access the tree crowns. After inspecting the trees and determining the branches to remove, the company tied the limbs with ropes before cutting them.

“The head of field operations said that the branches had to be tied with ropes to keep them from falling unexpectedly,” said Kennan. “The ropes were attached to the crane which carefully lifted the cut branches and dropped them away from powerlines. The company worked extra fast to avoid keeping the electricity off for too long. In less than one hour, the Pasadena tree trimming team had finished improving the 2 palm trees without causing damage to the neighboring utilities.’ 

To understand whether Tree Service Experts Pasadena always handles complicated procedures, a team of reporters contacted the company’s CEO. 

“The company’s team of qualified professionals has been pruning trees near power lines in Pasadena for the past 25 years,” said the company’s CEO. “When the team combined the experience it has gained over the years with modern tree service tools, trimming the 2 palm trees on Kennan’s landscape was more than easy.” 

According to the CEO, Tree Service Experts Pasadena can handle all types of tree care procedures in Pasadena. The best tree removal company in Pasadena, Tree Service Experts Pasadena is known for coming up with the safest tree removal methods. Using complete stump removal and stump grinding, the company boosts safety on landscapes after removing small and big trees. 

“Tree Service Experts Pasadena is always on the forefront when homeowners need someone to eliminate tree hazards in Pasadena,” said the company’s CEO. “Whether they need to cut back trees growing too close to powerlines or they are seeking emergency tree service in Pasadena, the company offers them the best results with each procedure.”

Tree Service Experts Pasadena schedules tree care procedures from its base at 3278 Mataro St, Pasadena, CA 91107, United States. To book a tree service procedure, you can call +1 626-604-2779 or send an email [email protected]

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