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aRIA Currency Launches Its New Blockchain Coin that Improves Bitcoin’s architecture and converts to Proof of Stake POS

aRIA Currency introduces a new blockchain technology to overcome the hurdles of extremely high transaction fees and slow block times by making the RIA coin with lowest gas fees (approximately $0.001) and one of the fastest block times (60 seconds) all while syncing the proven SHA-256 Bitcoin architecture.  The founders already launched the coin on multiple exchanges as listed on their website. The aRIA Currency (RIA) cryptocurrency coin is also known as “Bitcoin 2.0”. It is a tradable utility payment coin created on its own blockchain and adheres to industry standards and protocols. In addition, it is linked to the Bitcoin community, open source and can be upgradable to Bitcoin’s changes in the future.

aRIA is Truly Decentralized:  aRIA Currency uses a proprietary POS algorithm that completely eliminates issues with short range and coin-age attacks. Features and fixes will stay up to date as aRIA is linked to Bitcoin development trees and kept in sync.

aRIA Currency utilizes a 2nd layer protocol in order to further help decentralize coins, secure the network, and participate in getting Rewards. Rewards are in the form of additional, free RIA coins just for holding in the cold staking wallet.  Rewards will be based on the amount of holdings, length of holding, difficulty, etc.  But will be much higher than most Money Market accounts.  Long term balance between inflation and deflation. Engineered to be scalable, decentralized and resilient.

The founders launched the coin on February 1 2022 with a clear vision. The mission: develop the fastest, lowest transaction cost and highest security coin available that can be used for retail and commercial transactions in the near future.

aRIA Currency (RIA) currently uses V2 Core Wallets that can be used for holding and cold staking (and storage).  Founders are currently working on mobile apps that will allow for storage and payments not just for RIA, but also other leading cryptocurrency.  Team is also in talks with Venture Capitalist’s for expanding the network and payment processing.

About aRIA Currency (RIA) Blockchain:

Potential users and determined crypto enthusiasts must follow the link: to acquire further information about aRIA Currency, the technology and its plans. Connect with the team on Telegram

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