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Create and maintain a timeless legacy of a family business with Lugen Family Office

Lugen Family Office provides legacy planning and business consulting services to help family businesses stand the test of time. Lugen Family Office utilizes a proprietary process to empower family business dynasties, thus creating true wealth among the family.

Vancouver, Canada – Lugen Family Office (LFO) is a highly respected strategic partner for family businesses to protect and empower dynasties that don’t fade away by the passage of time. It has been found that 30% of family businesses make it through the second generation, 10-15% make it to the third and only 3-5% make it to the fourth generation. Lugen Family Office strives to transform these dismal statistics into a sustainable positive legacy for a family business.

Lugen Family Office’s private network of bespoke professionals take great care to provide the most effective solutions for a family business to succeed through a number of generations. At Lugen Family Office, it is believed that family wealth is their business so they empower their clients to create the future of their own dreams.

Since the inception of Lugen Family Office, the company has been active in giving back to the community. Some of the organizations that have benefitted from Lugen Family Office include “Roma Capitale Investments Foundation”, “Center for Family Conversations”, “Advisors in Philanthropy”, “The Ultimate Gift”, and many more.

Lugen Family Office is a trustworthy name because the company stays true to the company values by providing top-notch customer services. Talking about these values, Enzo Calamo, CEO of Lugen Family Office, says: “We believe our clients’ wealth should be respected, protected, expanded and nurtured. We believe families must treat their wealth as their core business. We capture, preserve, and empower your personal and family story for generations to come.”

About Lugen Family Office:

Lugen Family Office provides strategic advice and consultancy to high net worth families and successful family businesses that want to continue their legacies. Lugen Family Office helps family businesses thrive among generations and makes sure that the family legacy is carried on.

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Company Name: Lugen family Office
Contact Person: Enzo Calamo
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Phone: 1-866-605-8885
Address:355 Burrard St Com355 Burrard St
City: Vancouver
State: BC V6C 0B2
Country: Canada