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Infratrader appointed FindexTrade as the Official Liquidity Solutions Provider

Findextrade, a veteran liquidity solutions provider based in Poland has been appointed as the official liquidity solutions provider for Infratrader Limited.

FindexTrade provides multi-asset liquidity and cutting-edge trading technology while maintaining a fully open environment. FindexTrade is a global company with over twelve years’ experience in providing world-class trading technology for banks, brokers and startups.

Infratrader Limited is a Canada Fintrac licensed broker that offers the best trading environment for more than 100 pairs from commodities, forex to cryptocurrencies. Infratrader also features the most in-demand asset managers in the industry. With its InfraSonic unit, who is responsible for the development of the Machine Learning With Neural Network Trading Analytical Artificial Intelligence trading program, Infratrader offers its fund management services to an international investor base.


All Infratrader trades will be ported through FindexTrade’s liquidity solutions portal which links to over a dozen institutional liquidity providers.

Infratrader believes this partnership will result in a more transparent, secure and efficient trading environment for its traders and investors

About Infratrader

In 2014, when Infratrader started as a little broker based in South America it also had intentions to serve worldwide. By 2020, Infratrader had already expanded to the Southeast Asia region and obtained the Canada Fintrac License. With an experience of challenging the dips and rises in the financial trading industry, Infratrader learned and adapted along the way appearing sturdy, dependable, and sound. Joining the global market, dominant, Infratrader invested in AI trading and the MT5 platform integration. Infratrader is the outcome of foresight, hard work, and strict business values.

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