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LI Chao – Leading the Direction for the Intelligent Development of Software R&D

Reporter: Echo

Since the full outbreak of the Third Revolution of Science and Technology, new intelligent technologies have been introduced into people’s production and life. And the software technology research and development industry, as an emerging industry of the scientific and technological revolution, has gradually prospered and penetrated into all walks of life in society. In various industries, such as the Internet, finance, media, medical care, and education, business models and business operation practices are given new definitions by software. Cloud computing, big data, and the Internet of Things all rely on the application of software technology. During this process, one and another group of experts and scholars in the software technology R&D industry have emerged. Through continuous exploration and research and development, they have played an important role in the rise and development of this industry and even in promoting social progress. LI Chao is a pioneer of them.

As a senior expert in China’s intelligent software technology research and development, Mr. LI Chao has deep connection with this industry. He studied Computer Application Software at Jilin University in China when at the college-age, which laid a solid theoretical knowledge foundation for his future work in this field. Since 2010, he has held important positions in major software technology companies, accumulated rich relevant experience and broadened his contacts at the same time. These are valuable resources for his software technology research and development work. With these resources, he established Shanghai Lidong Technology Co., Ltd. in June 2021 and served as the President himself, further contributing to the development of the software technology research and development industry. In addition, in recent years, through continuous research and practice, he has independently developed a series of high-precision software technology research and development achievements, which opened up a new development path for the software research and development industry, thus further promoted the informatization development process of software R&D industry and the entire society.

“A Platform to Prevent Misuse of Hosted Data Sources Based on Blockchain Technology V1.0” is one of the most representative technological achievements among his many outstanding research and development achievements. Blockchain technology consists of data layer, network layer, consensus layer, incentive layer, contract layer and application layer. The complementarity of each module makes the blockchain technology gradually mature. And due to the multiple characteristics of blockchain technology, decentralization, openness, independence, security and anonymity, etc., it has a wide range of application in many fields, such as finance, insurance, Internet of Things, digital copyright, software research and development, etc. Hosted data source currently plays a key role in the field of software technology research and development. It can collect a large amount of information and data in time, classify and summarize, and then feed back the effective data to the corresponding software development system after integration. Relying on this advanced technology, the work progress in the field of software technology research and development will be rapidly improved, but at the same time, the hosted data sources are also at risk of being stolen and abused. After the application of blockchain technology, its independence and security can be effectively applied — The entire blockchain system does not rely on third parties, and all nodes can automatically and securely verify and exchange data within the system. No humane intervention is needed, as long as it does not exceed 51% of all data nodes, operators cannot arbitrarily manipulate or modify network data, which can effectively avoid subjective and artificial malicious data changes. In addition, due to the anonymity of the blockchain, unless required by legal regulations, technically speaking, the identity information of each block node does not need to be disclosed or verified, and the information transfer can be carried out anonymously.

These advantages of blockchain technology are integrated into software research and development, which has changed the traditional software technology research and development model. Hosted data sources can effectively help improve work efficiency, reduce human working time, save labor costs, reduce development costs, and reduce resource waste. The integration of blockchain technology makes the “A Platform to Prevent Misuse of Hosted Data Sources Based on Blockchain Technology V1.0” more secretive and secure, making the system-related functions more comprehensive, and the developed software has been greatly improved in terms of practicality and customer satisfaction.

This technological achievement has brought enormous benefits to the software development industry since its release. It is reported that last year, China’s software industry completed business revenue of 7.8 trillion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 20.9%, and a year-on-year increase of 1.2 percentage points compared with 2020. Thanks to Mr. LI Chao’s self-developed high-tech achievements, the software industry and information technology service industry have shown good development and maintained steady growth in both revenue and profit. His technological achievement has been applied by many large software development companies and helped these companies to achieve hundreds of millions of yuan profits. Mr. LI Chao has also gained more and more popularity and status in the industry because of his great contribution to the intelligent research and development of software development, and has become a well-known software technology research expert in China.

Although Mr. LI Chao has made a lot of achievements, he was still very modest when interviewed by the reporter: “I studied Computer Software, and later served as important positions in major software technology companies. All these are my valuable assets and contributed to what I am today. No matter now or in the future, I will carry out the research and development of intelligent software technologies continuously to make software technology more convenient and beneficial to the people and benefit all walks of life in society.”

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