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President and CEO at The Art of Strategy, Alison Geskin, is helping people and organizations perform at their best

President and CEO at The Art of Strategy, Alison Geskin, is internationally recognized as a transformative force for growth, helping people and organizations perform at their best across sectors, cultures, and countries.

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Alison Geskin is widely recognized as a transformative force for good, bringing a mission-driven focus to organizations across sectors, cultures, and countries. A highly sought-after coach, strategic advisor, lecturer and facilitator, Alison has led organizations and counseled leadership of foundations, not-for-profits, start-ups, scale ups and enterprise. Her work with individuals and teams is often credited with their achievement of sustainable and measurable success, including healthy thriving cultures.

Live. Learn. Lead.

“I founded The Art of Strategy in 2016 with the sole purpose of helping organizations and people be more successful. What started out as consulting, helping organizations unearth pain points, and focusing on maximizing revenue generation along with developing talent and teams, quickly became something more meaningful, more impactful. It became about bringing humanity back into business,” explains Alison.

“I realized that no one was addressing both the business and personal aspects of success, so I set out to become a Certified Executive Coach and Certified Life Coach, and then round off my education by achieving certification in Leadership Coaching from Harvard University. Rounding that off, I am also a certified Organizational Development Coach.”

These days, Alison works exclusively with small to medium-sized organizations, operating across multiple industry sectors.

She brings with her a solid engagement philosophy that nurtures individual skill sets and assist in the realization of potential through creativity, passion, and empowered management. Her background encompasses a wide range of programs and initiatives for individual development, team building, organization design and facilitation. 

“My mission is to encourage people to think out of the box, to step out of their comfort zone and take risks, live in the moment, and face their limitations and challenges. I see it as my job to provide thought-provoking information, choices, and options for not just surviving, but thriving in an unforgettable, energetic, direct, interactive, and highly entertaining way. That demands custom strategies and solutions, innovative ideas, and flawless execution,” continues Alison.

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Alison has spent most of her life coaching behaviors, unearthing potential, and helping people and organizations grow – all over the world.  

Her ‘why’ – her reason for being – is to develop leaders who can:
–  Simplify in the middle of complexity,
–  Inspire when there’s little hope,
–  Build relationships when there is distrust,
–  Build bridges when things have fragmented,
–  See and grow into their true potential, deeply understanding that all that they need is already sitting inside of them.

Adds Alison, “None of this is in the technical manual. Developing other leaders is the highest level of leadership because it cascades value down throughout the organization and makes talent self-replicating.”

When she’s not consulting businesses, coaching leaders, training entrepreneurs, and teaching executives, you can find Alison producing and hosting her podcast, Live. Learn. Lead., which finds her talking with some of the most successful leaders from around the globe to discover what they’re doing, why they’re doing it, and what impact they’ve made.

“I believe in motivation, inspiration, transformation, and solutions for winning – in business and in life. I believe that given the right tools and strategies, everyone can and should live life to the fullest,” concludes Alison.


About Alison Geskin

Alison Geskin is the President and CEO at The Art of Strategy and a certified life and executive coach, teacher, consultant, and hosts of Live. Learn. Lead. podcast. She is a Senior Faculty Instructor with Symbiosis Coaching and teaches the ICF Organizational Development and Executive Coaching Certification Programs. Alison is recognized as a leading Business Coach by Forbes and sits on the Forbes Coaches Council. She is also a Fellow at the Institute of Coaching, McLean/Harvard Medical School.

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