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QIAO Kai: Striding forward on the “Road” of Intelligent R&D in Financial Investment

Reporter: HUANG Mengran

Thanks to the rise of many outstanding financial investment technology companies and a huge financial investment market in recent years, China has gradually become one of the leaders in the global financial investment technology field. As the economy moves towards high-quality development, the financial investment market has an increasingly high demand for high-quality, convenient and diversified financial services, and the business layout of financial investment technologies will penetrate into a wider range of technical fields, such as intelligence, blockchain, biometrics, etc.

QIAO Kai, as an outstanding financial investment technology R&D expert in China, has handed in a satisfactory answer on behalf of the financial investment field with superb original technological achievements. He has created enormous economic and social value and can be regarded as a hero in the financial investment technology industry in the Asia-Pacific region. He combined the most advanced information technology today, and integrated it into many of his original technological achievements after exploration and integration, providing intelligent technical support for the rapid development of the financial investment industry.

As the most important part of the financial industry, the financial investment industry is now in a stage of eager improvement and change. Numerous financial investment R&D experts devote themselves to the investment industry, and independently developed high-tech achievements in order to promote the steady development of the financial investment industry. QIAO Kai is one of the very few top experts in intelligent financial investment in the Asia-Pacific region and even the world. Recently, the reporter interviewed Mr. QIAO Kai and asked him to share his originally developed intelligent technological achievements and his outstanding performance in promoting the development practice of China’s financial investment industry.

QIAO Kai graduated from the University of Adelaide, Australia, majoring in Accounting and Finance, with a Master’s Degree. He served as the head of the financial investment departments in many key financial institutions in China, and has solid theoretical knowledge and rich practical experience. These valuable experiences laid a solid foundation for his future financial investment technology research and development. Since 2018, QIAO Kai has been continuously exploring and creating, integrating high-tech, and has successively launched many high-tech achievements covering the field of financial investment, such as Asset Service System of the Core Enterprises in the Supply Chain Based on Internet Big Data V1.0, Asset Service Data Mutation Analysis System Based on Wavelet Analysis V1.0, Security Assets Allocation Decision System Based on Queue Intelligent Algorithm V1.0, Asset Management Analysis System Based on Neural Network Algorithm and Big Data, etc. These outstanding technological achievements accelerated the intelligent development process of the financial investment industry after practical application, and promoted the update and iteration of intelligent technologies in the financial investment industry in China and even the Asia-Pacific region by leaps and bounds.

Take “Security Assets Allocation Decision System Based on Queue Intelligent Algorithm V1.0” as an example. This is an asset allocation decision-making system independently developed by QIAO Kai aiming at the technical bottleneck of the industry. For a long time, the financial investment industry was limited by technologies, and there had always been a difficult problem of slow progress in the decision-making of safe asset allocation. Therefore, it was difficult to make asset allocation decisions through effective means, resulting in the loss of a large number of excellent investment opportunities for enterprises. In response to this industry situation, QIAO Kai delved into the intelligent queue algorithm, and based on the asset data queue mechanism and the message queue mechanism, originally developed a multi-threaded parallel computing technology achievement. The system can communicate with each other between multiple threads through message queue synchronization control technology, parallel computing under different numbers of threads, simplify the communication process between threads, significantly improve the overall optimization efficiency of the algorithm, and improve the intelligent calculation efficiency of asset allocation decision-making. In addition, the system can incorporate asset allocation into the security field generated after the calculation of the queuing mechanism, remove obstacles for asset decision-making, and enable users to conduct financial investment and asset allocation with confidence, thus greatly enhancing the assistance of high-tech to the financial investment industry. It is really a rare and practical technological achievement with industry breakthrough. After trial, this technology has achieved the double improvement of the efficiency and benefits of the financial investment community, and has been widely praised by customers.

With his many independent research and development achievements, QIAO Kai not only enjoys a high reputation in China, but also covers most of the financial investment fields in the Asia-Pacific region in terms of personal influence and transformation of technological achievements, and has gained unprecedented attention. In QIAO Kai’s view, this is the technical product after he follows the trend of technology and has insight into the shortcomings of the industry. Through the success of the original system, he deeply realized that only by putting himself in the user’s shoes could he develop a technological “weapon” that met the needs of the industry, accelerate the development of financial investment, and accelerate the economic development of the Asia-Pacific region and the world.

In the interview, QIAO Kai also made an outlook on the technological trend of world financial investment. He believes that with scientific and technological power being increasingly powerful today, as a leading scientific and technological worker in the field of financial investment, not only he always pay attention to the technical needs of the industry, but also should take a long-term perspective and incorporate cutting-edge technologies around the world into professional field. In this way, technological workers can do more with less, keep abreast of technological trends and keep up with the general trend of science and technology, then develop technological achievements that are both leading and practical.

QIAO Kai said that in the future, he will spare no effort to adhere to this concept of scientific and technological research and development, use all his strength to contribute to the technological innovation and development of the financial investment field, and make great strides on the “road” of intelligent research and development of financial investment.

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