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Shawn Fair Adds Another Powerhouse Speaker Jesse A. Cole, Jr., to the Leadership Experience Tour

Shawn Fair Adds Another Powerhouse Speaker Jesse A. Cole, Jr., to the Leadership Experience Tour

Shawn Fair’s Leadership Experience Tour brings on stage some of the most dynamic speakers in the country today. Shawn’s powerhouse lineup of exceptional and inspiring speakers is made even more powerful with the addition of Jesse A. Cole, Jr., an award-winning coach and communications professional who specializes in teaching and mentoring faith-driven leaders on how to best communicate their messages with authenticity and boldness. 

Best known as the Kingdom Confidence Coach, Jesse has an unmatched fifteen-year experience in professional speaking and publishing. He created The Kingdom Platforms™ Private Coaching Program, uniquely designed for leaders who have lived through transformational experiences and desire to develop the lessons and principles they have learned into a book and a leadership empowerment program. He also developed the Kingdom Confidence™ Group Coaching Program, a virtual group coaching program for faith-driven leaders. It introduces tools, structure, and accountability to lead confidently in their respective areas of influence. The main objective of the program is to teach leaders how to use the Kingdom Confidence principles to boost their influence and profitability.

“My coaching programs are spirit-led. There is a reliable framework with an embedded accountability component. However, my approach is to first align with the purpose and assignment of my clients and then walk them through the framework based on their Kingdom identity. This approach allows every client to have a customized experience as they commit to the process of the program promise,” Jesse explained.

Throughout the course of his colorful career, Jesse has had the pleasure of working with business and leadership organizations such as The National Microloan Conference, the Building Better Men Mentoring and Counseling organization, and the Students Leading Students Conference. He is also the proud author of six books that have had an astounding impact on the lives of countless readers. His books include Lead With No Apologies: 21 Ways to Boost Your Influence, Kingdom Confidence: Demonstrating the Power, Authority, and Influence of God In Your Life and Business, and the forthcoming, Relatable Authority: How to Build An Authentic Connection With Your Audience, among others. 

Jesse knows firsthand what it is like to conform to traditional best practices after having spent 13 years in the education industry. Despite his seemingly successful journey, he always felt like there was something missing, and it left him feeling unfulfilled. He began to explore other possibilities and eventually discovered the value of providing a safe environment where aspiring and seasoned leaders can both thrive as they discover their full potential. 

“I know what it feels like to smell the sweet aroma of your next level, but you can’t seem to break through. I can also identify with the frustration of being gifted but not having the knowledge or clarity about how to effectively use your gifts to authentically impact the marketplace,” Jesse shared. “You sense that there is more to life than what you’ve experienced. And although you wrestle with your desired reality becoming your current reality, you are eager to see your efforts manifest into a sustainable entity. I want faith-driven leaders to understand that God’s best is available to them.”

Despite his current success, Jesse A. Cole, Jr. continues to have big dreams for his team and personal career. He envisions hosting an annual national conference for faith-driven leaders in the next couple of years, where he will train aspiring speakers and coaches on how to use the Kingdom Confidence framework. He also intends to help them develop their own Kingdom Platform. Additionally, he sees himself developing leadership content for television networks and tithing $1 million per year.

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