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THB contributes to metaverse construction and Internet ecosystem would be built

As the rapid development of the Internet industry today, the word “metaverse” has gradually appeared in more and more people’s life. Meanwhile, innovators have also found that a new “metaverse” industry chain will bring huge commercial value. THB adopts the concept of distributed organization DAO and the new way of combining block chain to achieve the purpose of managing personnel and operation at the same time. THB, the new management mode, will have a strong competitiveness in the development of digital economy.

THB contributes to metaverse construction and Internet ecosystem would be bulit

Strong management structure and decentralized incentive mechanism

THB adopts DAO style management, which is distributed and decentralized management. The advantage of this management mode is that the business exchanges between organizations follow the principles of equality, voluntariousness, mutual benefit and reciprocity. It can be achieved each other’s resource endowment, complementary advantages and win-win interests. By using the DAO management mode, the organization can avoid the situation that all things are under the control of one person. Each member is a manager, which can inspire each other’s sense of responsibility and solidarity from the deep heart. Through DAO management, THB can effectively carry out the coordination mechanism inside the organization, and better stimulate the efficiency of the organization and realize the value flow. Organization and order can be realized by smart contracts. Besides, operation rules, responsibilities, powers of participants, rewards and punishment mechanisms are open and transparent. What is more, new forms of intelligence and tokens are used to make THB to realize effective operation of the organization.

Release metaverse and expand the Internet ecosystem

Metaverse is a collection of virtual time space, which is linked and created by means of science and technology. It is a virtual world that maps and interacts by the real world, and it is a digital living space with a new social system. Metaverse is internet-based and it parallels to the existing virtual worlds. As a horizontal and connected organization, THB can better realize the requirements of virtual economy construction in the metaverse and the development of virtual society by integrating technologies in various fields. In the future, THB will create a set of independent economic system, where everyone is a creator and consumer, who is able to create a new way of life and business model, and enjoy a higher level of spiritual life in the THB metaverse economic system.

THB will build a fully compatible large-scale metaverse platform, on which users can build their own business models and lifestyles. THB focuses on technology research and capacity building, working hand in hand with partners from all walks of life to expand a thriving metaverse ecosystem. Metaverse mall uses games, social networking, lending, shopping and other forms to build metaverse ecological application scenes, which has the four core different advantages: 3D display and customization of goods, VR tape viewing, AR positioning and simultaneous interaction.

Realize technology leading situation and adjust edge data storage

THB is operated by adopting a computer protocol that is transmitted and executed electronically, as opposed to traditional contracts, including smart contract code generation, contract compilation, submission and confirmation. Meanwhile, THB can solve the local interconnection problem of terminal devices with Libp2p technology, and can be linked and processed at the edge. Data privacy on the chain will be effectively protected by zero proof of knowledge (ZKP) technology. Effective innovative technologies will bring great energy to THB in the expansion of metaverse and the improvement of block chain.

Block chain technology has become more and more mature today, and it will be applied to all walks of life in the future. Prior to this, THB firstly developed a new industry by combining DAO management technology with metaverse technology to occupy the market heights and grasp the economic winding direction. In the future, the blueprint described by THB will definitely grow with the support of block chain technology’s further developing and metaverse technology’s further optimizes.

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