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The future of Chirpley’s $CHIRP token

Chirpley is the new Web 3.0 influencer marketplace that enables end-to-end automated influencing campaigns through artificial intelligence, machine learning, and blockchain technology.

The decentralized platform redefines the influencer ecosystem by operating entirely in the interest of its end users: nano and micro-influencers and the marketers who need them.

Chirpley is a platform that was created with the goal of forming a decentralized organization that works solely for the benefit of small influencers and marketers. Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to automate campaigns to make them more time and cost efficient.

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The future is bright!

After launching in the crypto space, Chirpley plans to expand to every feasible market and niche, and support all social media outlets. This move will enable $CHIRP to enhance itself while being independent of the blockchain market.

The token, which will be the medium of utility to encourage a wider blockchain adoption, will be placed on an underlying layer that enables users to pay in traditional fiat that auto converts to $CHIRP and increases its inherent value. The future sees $CHIRP becoming a mode of governance once further Dapps and off-shoots are added to the platform.

The $CHIRP token’s underlying value is calculated on the Chirpley platform’s forecast performance instead of simply being based on speculation. To preserve its financial advantages and implement holder rewards for Chirpley users, the platform has devised a fee-less deflationary system that benefits the entire Chirpley community.

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$CHIRP is the utility token in the Chirpley ecosystem. When used, the deflationary token grants 50% off on-platform fees. In addition, 20% of all revenue earned through the platform is used to perform hourly buy-backs on the market, whereafter the purchased $CHIRP tokens are sent to a burn address.

Chirpley has allocated 15.6% of the tokenomics for marketing. A small portion will be released daily and vested linearly over five years. A continuous stream of marketing for the Chirpley platform and token will be maintained by paying influencers to promote the platform using $CHIRP.

Learn more about Chirpley through its official website and get to know more about what it has to offer, the future of Chirpley, and its plans moving forward.











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