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The New innovative 3D NFT Art Collection, “Missing Face”, Will be a turning Point in Fashion NFT World

The New innovative 3D NFT Art Collection, "Missing Face", Will be a turning Point in Fashion NFT World

The new “Missing Face” NFTs are a collection of 9,332 NFTs of a rare 3D art collection that is all provably unique, which has 200 unique traits, evenly distributed, and simple, with the goal of community building and becoming a powerful NFT fashion brand where Missing Face will collaborate with premium brands to create merchandise or collectibles available in the market. The “Missing Face” team created their simple and creative NFTs aiming at the fashion NFT marketplace.  

Inspiration Behind “Missing Face”

This unique creation of the 3D Art “Missing Face” NFT collection is inspired by a face known to be drawn by Japanese school children using hiragana characters. A unique missing face is created by adding different faces and unique traits.

Special Advantages that “Missing Face” NFT Holders Will Received

“Missing Face” NFT Holders will automatically receive the access pass to “The Face Club” and will be entitled to The Face Club membership. As a minting reward, anyone who successfully mints a Missing Face NFT will receive a free $Face Token. People who have a Face Club membership can obtain a special discount on Missing Face’s 3D vinyl toys. And the team “Missing Face” also mentions that they’ve planned NFTs giveaways and special rewards for the community.

When Will “Missing Face” NFT Collection be Released?The first phase of the 3D art collection “Missing Face” NFT will be minted publicly in May 2022, and it includes 4,666 Missing Face NFT 3D Art Collection. And in July 2022 as the second phase, a 3D art collection of 4,666 NFTs will be minted.

The team “Missing Face” will be collaborating with 3 premium fashion brands in the future and create something that will bring new meaning to fashion. It will be an exciting turning point in the fashion market. Their official merch store will launch Missing Face x Blind Box series, a limited-edition miniature 3D Missing Face vinyl toy will be in these blind boxes.  There will be a live event to meet up with the community, it will be announced in the near future.

Missing Face will release one of a kind collectible vinyl toy that resembles a cross between LEGO and well, a Missing Face. These unique collectibles vinyl toys will become something of a trophy that is desired by many but held by a few.

Creative Team Behind “Missing Face”

The brain behind this unique NFT project is the Face Club. They were finally able to create and launch their new collection “Missing Face”. The Face Club says “We hope people will be convinced to stop wars and make more toys as an inspiration from the Missing Face NFT collection” That’s what they mean by their slogan “NO WAR, MAKE TOYS”.

Where Can You Find “Missing Face” NFTs? “Missing Face” NFTs can be found on different platforms and social:






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