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0xWRLD is Launching the first Multi-Chain Accessible Metaverse set to revolutionize NFT gaming

0xWRLD’s Multi-Chain NFT Metaverse will be the first game that allows NFTS from all blockchains to co-exist in one world!

0xWRLD announces the launch of its unique Multi-Chain NFT Metaverse, which is the first of its kind NFT ecosystem that will allow NFT owners from all chains including Ethereum, Solana and Avalanche to play with their NFTs in one game (metaverse). With the launch of The First Multi-chain Metaverse, 0xWRLD will be at the forefront of the next-generation technologies as they seek to capitalize on the growing NFT euphoria.

Speaking on the occasion, Brad Palmer, Founder of 0xWRLD, said, “We are thrilled to launch our unique Multi-Chain NFT Metaverse with a vision to bring about a transformation in the world of NFTs and Metaverses. As amazing as NFT technology currently is, there will eventually come a point where simple image-based NFT collections will no longer be acceptable as the standard. We believe that the true NFT enthusiasts will eventually raise the bar for these simple NFT collections, and they just won’t cut it anymore.

Beyond offering a unique metaverse environment, 0xWRLD is on a mission to connect a multitude of metaverses and blockchain communities into a single platform, which can be described as the ‘megaverse’.

“Anybody can see that the next evolutionary step needs to come soon, something that allows people’s NFTs to come to life on a larger scale, universally,” explains Brad. “Everybody has seen demos of stuff like 3D models of specific NFT collections being showcased in the real world through AR apps for example, but the unfortunate fact is that this kind of utility is often very tightly coupled to each NFT collection, and it is difficult to solve the interoperability problem between all sorts of NFT collections on a widespread scale. 0xWRLD will provide a solution to this problem.”

In recent years, the popularity of NFTs has exploded with new NFT collections and metaverses springing up every day. However, the tools to standardize them, especially cross-chain, are still very immature or inadequate. 0xWRLD plans to fill this void with its unique offering. By seamlessly interacting with multiple blockchains, NFT tokens, and metaverse worlds, the 0xWRLD marketplace will act as a bridge, simplifying transactions and minimizing the steps to complete a transaction.

Sharing the details about the project, Brad added, “Our talented and passionate team has put in significant efforts in developing an elegant solution to bridge disconnected metaverses hosted on disparate blockchains. When you log into 0xWRLD, you don’t just play as your connected wallet. Instead, any of your wallets can serve as a login to the same game account. When you log into 0xWRLD using any one of your connected wallets on any supported chain, you will be able to play with all of your NFTs across all of those wallets and all of those chains, all at the same time, without having to switch wallets or switch chains.”

In practice, what this means is you can add all of your Ethereum, Avalanche, and Solana wallets to the same account, set one of your Avalanche NFTs as your avatar, have one of your Solana NFTs follow you around as a pet, all while rocking your ENS name. All at the same time.

Built with both experts and beginners in mind, 0xWRLD will drive participation for the masses into the metaverse and help them enjoy the membership benefits. As part of the 0xWRLD metaverse, sellers will be able to put their listings in front of more people than ever before, ensuring they achieve a fair price for their collection. Similarly, buyers can expect access to more digital collections without having to hop between multiple blockchains or metaverses.

0xWRLD Multi-Chain NFT Metaverse has been launched with a vision to harness the blockchain and NFT technology to build an integrated economic and social structure that will benefit the entire community of NFT traders and investors.

About 0xWRLD

0xWRLD is a multi-chain 2D pixelverse, accessible from anywhere in the world through your desktop or mobile web browser. Its vision is to enable NFT owners to play with NFTs across hundreds of collections to come together in unison. It’s a platform that provides universal utility for NFTs.

For more information about 0xWRLD Metaverse and other inquiries, reach out via email or visit the website to check out the details.

The brand has also launched a discord channel where members can receive additional information about the project and membership benefits.  

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