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International Fintech startup in the Endeavor to make Crypto adoption simpler.

International Fintech startup in the Endeavor to make Crypto adoption simpler.

Platon Life is an international fintech startup whose main idea is to introduce digital currencies to businesses and the general public by providing user-friendly and secure solutions. Platon Life has developed these solutions based on blockchain technology using the PlatonCoin digital token together with strong partners such as Microsoft, Broadcom and others.

Platon Life thus connects the world of the latest digital technologies with businesses and users in an online environment using PlatonCoin (PLTC), the digital currency on which the unique ecosystem of the same name, Platon Life, operates.

Platon Wallet

Platon Wallet by Platon Life is the heart of the ecosystem, it is an all-in-one app. It includes unique insurance from a reputable European insurance company of up to €1 million, with all data secured by software security company Broadcom, all in a user-friendly interface and with access to buying, selling, trading, betting and more. The digital wallet already meets all KYC and AML requirements and offers currently the most popular digital currencies: BTC, ETH, PLTC, BCH, XLM, USDT, UNI, LINK.


PlatonCoin is a next-generation semi-decentralized cryptocurrency that provides the benefits of decentralised blockchain technology combined with the security guarantees of strong partners such as Broadcom and Tatum, an insured wallet and customer service. The goal of this mutual cooperation is to bring security to PlatonCoin users and protect their assets and the company’s assets and know-how. 

Platon Life has issued a total of 300,000,000 PLTC (three hundred million PlatonCoins).

Price development PLTC chart

PLTC value from 2019 to the end of 2021

PlatonCoin is in a long-term growth channel. In 2019, when the foundations of the entire ecosystem were laid, the main range in which PlatonCoin traded was EUR 0.05-0.27. In 2021, PLTC traded in a price range of EUR 0.27-0.49 (according to data from (price development table)

Platon Life products

The ecosystem is constantly evolving and growing. All products or services within the ecosystem can be paid for in PLTC. It currently consists of the following services/products:

Platon Wallet: A secure digital wallet that accepts 8 cryptocurrencies, provides instant internal transactions, with speeds up to 5k transactions per second and multiple layers of security in partnership with Broadcom (Symantec). 

Internal exchange: A marketplace for private clients – used to ensure liquidity of purchased PLTC.

Platon Store: Platon Store offers the possibility to get significant discounts on goods and services through vouchers from partners, access to many different products and services in one place.

Platon Pay: A functional link between the user environment and the trading and/or exchange platform is provided by Platon Pay, a payment gateway.

Membership with referral program: Several levels of membership including a referral program with rewards for customers from their PLTC purchases, vouchers, auctions, holdings, memberships or payment gateway usage.

Platon Auction: Auctions of items include collectibles, one-of-a-kind artwork or digital game objects.

Platon Life for Business: Employee benefit programme, where employees/users have absolute freedom in how they use the programme, via their Platon Benefit Cards for Business, which is a revolutionary product that reduces administration, employee costs and corporate costs.

Custom CRM system: It is a tailor-made system for the entire ecosystem and enables efficient management of all activities.

Education: Free educational module for the public, including organizing webinars and seminars to raise awareness and financial literacy, popular and educational articles on the website about current trends, economy, IT, Industry 4.0, blockchain and cryptocurrencies, fundamental and technical analyses and lectures on finances, digital currencies and the history of money for high schools to increase financial literacy among students.

Platon Life goals for 2022:

NFT platform: Recognizing the potential of the rapidly growing NFT market, Platon Life is paying attention to this sector and preparing an NFT platform. In addition, we are developing the possibility to participate in online auctions of digitised (tokenized) works in the form of NFT in cooperation with our curator Pavel Šťastný. The launch is expected in Q1 2022.

Gaming platform: A portal that will bring together online gamers. Platon Life will announce rankings of the best players and tournaments in cooperation with major Platon Life partners. Valuable prizes will be awarded for winning tournaments or top ranking positions and there will also be the opportunity to win PLTC. The launch is expected in Q2 2022.

GPS localization: An interactive online map of locations where, with the help of GPS localization, it will be possible to find partners that accept cryptocurrencies including PLTC, be it shops, restaurants or other businesses. With this location map, customers can easily view and find everything they need to know about a business location and the crypto services provided in a specific city or at a specific address. The launch is expected in Q3 2022.

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