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Lickety Split Cleaning Set to Become #1 Maid Service in U.S

Lickety Split Cleaning Set to Become #1 Maid Service in U.S
A maid service that saves you money, cares about your family, and protects the environment. Does it actually exist?

Cleaning is a rather boring subject, right? Wrong actually. Cleaning is something people frequently do, and in most cases are pretty sure they are doing correctly. If people put their cleaning skills under the microscope they would realize that they are not doing a very good job. Why should they challenge their home cleaning prowess? Well, to put it simply, properly disinfecting a home while protecting the environment isn’t necessarily easy. It takes a great deal of time and energy to know that the cleaning is getting done efficiently while ensuring that no harm is being done to loved ones or the earth.

It’s true, cleaning incorrectly can make people sick. This is why what will be explained in this article should not be taken lightly. While there are some notable cleaning companies out there, such as Molly Maid, or the Cleaning Authority that are known to be good home cleaners, it’s important people know there are cleaning service options out there that set peoples health, money, and priorities as their own personal value system. One of them is a little known, but actually pretty major cleaning company called Lickety Split Cleaning. They are extremely unique. They are a Colorado born company that loves the environment. 

Lickety Split Cleaning has only been around for a year but is already the best cleaning company there is.

There are multiple things Lickety Split Cleaning has been doing that makes it very likely to be viewed as the number one maid service by a lot of people. First important reason is they only charge clients for the time they spend cleaning. It’s crazy that this has never been done before in the industry! They clock in and out. No other company offers this level of transparency. Other companies give estimates saying that they think it will take four hours to clean. They clean for two and a half hours then leave. And yeah, they charge for the full four hours. Most people would agree that is pretty ridiculous. Use Lickety Split Cleaning and gone are the days of paying for time that is never used. 

Also, they adhere to a strict sanitation process. By changing into clean shoes when they arrive at a home, then disinfecting them every time they leave, they distinguish themselves as the highest level of professional maids in the industry. They disinfect their vacuum the same way while also bringing freshly laundered cloths to every client home, no exceptions. That is just a few things they do to protect against cross contamination. I doubt people have ever seen cleaners who care that much. It’s just the way they operate. It’s baked into their culture and values. Welcome to the new way of doing things.



Lasty, but perhaps most importantly, they use natural, non toxic, and biodegradable cleaning agents. Not only are the homes they service 100% clean visually, they are also clean on a microscopic level. They don’t leave behind harsh chemicals that can seep into the pores of peoples’ skin, like most other companies.  

If there is anyone out there that is not happy with their current cleaners, or just looking to have their home cleaned the right way, they should now know who to reach out to. The people who try this cleaning service will be extremely pleased with the results.

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