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National Powder Coating Services provides quality projects at a rate that is competitive.

Based in Dublin and run as a family business, National Powder Coating Services, or NPCS, is the leading vendor when it comes to high quality powder coating for aluminum, mild steel, and alloy.

National Powder Coating Services offers powder coating for a wide range of BS and RAL colors, no matter the type of finish. Powder coating is a great option not only for durability but is also eco-friendly compared to traditional solvent-based liquid paints. Unlike its liquid counterpart, powder coating is applied in its powder form and made to stick to the material with the use of electricity. This process means that there is no need for a harmful and oftentimes toxic solvent that is common in traditional paints. Powder coating by NPCS also ensures that both the surface and the product will remain corrosion-free and durable for a long time. The airborne pollutant is also minimized making powder coating a lot more environmentally friendly and causing no harm to staff and other employees during the application process. 

The manner in which powder coating is applied also makes for a very even coating. Because of this, only a fraction of the amount is needed compared to traditional liquid-based paint. Powder coating has numerous applications. An industry where this type of paint has become the norm in the automotive industry. The body of the car is electrified to create a negative charge. The powder paint, being positively charged, readily adheres to the material creating a very fine and even coat. NPCS hopes to make this technology more available to regular people. Their method makes it possible to apply powder coating to gates, railings, balconies, and even bike frames. It can be used to add color to gym equipment, shop fittings, and even art pieces. 

Powder coating has numerous applications and with the help of National Powder Coating Services, anyone can use it to its full advantage. Their rates are competitive and their services can be customized to fit the needs of their customer. Another thing that’s great is they offer a free consultation. Interested customers can simply reach out to National Powder Coating Services via their official website, through phone line by dialing 01 6903875, or visit their main office located at Unit 2 Sweetman’s Yard, Balbriggan, Co.Dublin K32 RK81.

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Company Name: National Powder Coating Services
Contact Person: Kent Fenwick
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Phone: 016-903-875
Address:Unit 2, Sweetman’s Yard Naul road
City: Balriggan
State: Co. Dublin K32 RK81
Country: Ireland