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Remote Glucose Monitoring with the Rightest Care App

TAIWAN, TAICHUNG – April 12, 2022 – When the coronavirus upended the world in early 2020, many people around the world were restricted to their homes or their local area for months at a time. Not only that, but people were more conscious of their health than ever whilst many of us were simultaneously reluctant to go for checkups and expose ourselves to greater risk of contracting the virus. 

Telehealth encompasses any form of healthcare that takes place remotely. This includes teleconsulting, tele-education/training, telemonitoring and more. Smartphones are being used for more tasks than ever before and apps tailored for healthcare are plentiful. Apps that assist with glucose monitoring and allow data to be shared may fall into the telemonitoring classification.

Many people with diabetes have been using blood glucose monitoring devices for years. Most modern personal blood glucose monitors come equipped with Bluetooth functionality. This lets users sync their blood glucose test results from their meter to an app on their smartphone for further analysis. This also proves much more convenient since it allows users to scroll through test results on their smartphone touchscreen instead of needing to painstakingly scroll through results on an LCD screen one at a time.

Bionime is one such company. Several of its Rightest blood glucose meter (BGM) products such as Rightest Wiz, Max, GM700SB, and GT333 are Bluetooth-enabled and can transmit results to the company’s Rightest Care App. This app is available for both Android and iOS and is featured prominently on the official website.

What is Rightest Care?

Using Rightest BGM allows people to get a glucose reading anytime and test anywhere they go. People often test across mealtimes, upon waking, and after exercise. The Rightest Care App assists users in understanding these test results.

At its heart, Rightest Care is a piece of software that acts as a personal blood glucose tracker. Users can take measurements with their Rightest Glucose Meter and sync these via Bluetooth over to the app where they are automatically incorporated into data analysis. Syncing is quick and easy and happens automatically whenever the meter is placed near the phone it is paired with and the app is opened.

A Hub for Glucose Data Management

Powerful, comprehensive data analysis comes packaged inside the app. Users can view and engage with their test data in new ways and form plans of action to manage their diabetes more effectively. Being able to view blood glucose tests as part of a wider picture of your blood sugar patterns, makes real progress much easier.

The Starting Place for New Insights

Getting good insights into your blood glucose levels and what affects them is key for learning how to manage blood glucose more effectively. The Rightest Care app helpfully shows users comparisons across mealtimes and over a full day, the percentage of tests in range at specified times, average glucose levels, a full listing of glucose levels, and more.

About Bionime

Bionime was established in 2003 in Taiwan to improve help people living with diabetes by developing high-quality blood glucose monitors for personal use. Today Bionime is a leading designer and manufacturer of blood glucose monitoring systems. Accurate, affordable testing is provided by its Rightest Blood Glucose Monitors (Rightest BGM) which are designed for self-monitoring and clinical use and feature Bionime’s patented test strip technology.

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