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The New, Easy, and Affordable Way for Real Estate Agents to Grow their Pipelines

Say Goodbye to Contracts, Invoices, and Monthly Retainers and Hello to Click Close Leads.

Never has building a pipeline of fresh leads been easier or more affordable for Real Estate Agents and Brokers than now, thanks to Click Close Leads, a company offering an innovative and contemporary approach to lead generation for Real Estate Agents.

Based out of Austin, Texas, Click Close Leads offers the same exact results of an agency without the huge price tag or commitment required from advertising agencies.

To put it simply- you can go to their website at, and click a button to order fresh, exclusive leads, generated in real time via Facebook and receive them as quickly as 72 hours.

With this straightforward approach, agents can buy bite sized amounts of leads without the cost and pressure of a retainer. Jordan says “It gives them time to truly work the lead batch they buy, and then they can buy more when they are ready.”

No sales calls over zoom, no contracts to sign, no setup fee, no retainer, no invoice. Just click and order leads from their website. The order goes into the queue, and each agent’s individual campaign will be set up just as it would if they were an agency client. Same ads, same process.

For a brand new agent running out of friends and family to assist, and for any established agents who want to supplement their current lead sources, it is a dream come true.

The most common option for realtors to grow their pipelines, was to hire an advertising agency, which would mean sitting through a sales presentation, forking out a hefty set up fee of at least $3,000, plus the retainer fee of at least $3,000, and then on top of that, the ad spend of course. To get only 20 leads meant spending a minimum of $3,500. And that’s being on the conservative side. Jordan and Abby found that this left them dreading the next invoice, and would oftentimes lead to debt since they couldn’t make that money back within only a month.

The other options would be paying well known corporate Real Estate Apps for leads, where agents have expressed that leads are notoriously shared with other agents.

And of course there was always social networking- where realtors tend to outnumber the other guests at events, making it almost a competitive sport. Talk about Exhausting.

Enter Click Close Leads.

Lead Generation and Agency veterans, Abby and Jordan learned very quickly that a large portion of their clients could not afford the usual retainer model. After all, with selling homes, the return on investment does not come overnight. This is why they offer simple and affordable options set at a flat fee with a painless and easy ordering process. It goes like this: Go to Order leads. Receive leads. Rinse and Repeat.

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