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Why Wellness Care Centers is carrying Austin Air Filters for 2022

Covid-19, also known as SARS-CoV-2, within the coronavirus family, has been a primary focus in the news and health industry as it has altered day-to-day life for most. This pandemic has paused most places of business which encourage larger gatherings such as schools, office buildings, and restaurants. As most of society attempts to pick up life before the lock-down, putting an end to this virus has been most critical these past 2 years.

Internationally, Health professionals seek information, gathering new facts each day to stifle the virus’s ability to linger in the air, focusing on ventilated indoor spaces. This brings up the question of how HEPA filtration could aid the situation, improving air quality by capturing any lingering germs (Covid-19) that may be traveling nearby.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) updated May 7, 2021 that it has been improving prevention methods to help suppress coronavirus transmission methods. An official statement by the CDC states Covid-19 “The smallest very fine droplets, and aerosol particles formed when these fine droplets rapidly dry, are small enough that they can remain suspended in the air for minutes to hours.”

The CDC previously remarked that Covid-19 was spread by person-to-person contact via respiratory droplets that were not large enough to remain airborne for extended periods of time. As evidence of airborne transmission was shown, the CDC was forced to alter their public stance.

We are now coming to understand that this virus is transmitted from person to person through evolving both experience and research. CDC has had many changes in its coronavirus guidelines. Back in September of 2020, the CDC had stated that inhalation of respiratory droplets was the main vector for spreading Covid-19.

Seeing that SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) measures about 125 nanometers, or .125 microns, in diameter. Many news sources have falsely reported that HEPA filters can only capture particles that show measurements of more than .3 microns. However, high-quality air purifiers with a trustworthy HEPA filter are crucially effective when trapping particles that are miniscule in comparison to SARS-CoV-2 (down to 10 nanometers or .01 microns).

Filtration strength of this caliber shows HEPA purifiers are more than capable of trapping even the smallest of viruses, even aerosolized saliva and mucus that known to transport them. It is said CDC has acknowledged the role of high-quality air purifiers and how they could drastically improve indoor air quality during most pandemics. According to CDC guidelines, “when used properly, air purifiers can help reduce airborne contaminants, including viruses, in a home or confined space.”

The current CDC guidelines for national health care experts specify that the air from hospital rooms occupied by Covid-19 patients “should be exhausted directly to the outside or be filtered through a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter directly before recirculation.” Adding that they advise the use of portable air purifiers with HEPA filtration, these devices should be active when permanent air handling systems are impractical or unavailable. This is important in minimizing the spread of any airborne illness through hospitals, schools, offices, and homes.

HEPA filtration devices have been developed and seen useful since the early 1940s, the CDC’s guidelines show this is still true. With reported cases of Covid-19 continuing to climb, many school systems, companies, and homes are turning to portable air purifiers to enhance the quality that HVAC units and natural ventilation provide, overall decreasing the spread of this disease. In fact, New York City Public Schools (NYCPS), one of the largest school systems in the USA, recently purchased 30,000 HEPA purifiers to help keep their students and faculties safe.

Everywhere from homes to public spaces of any kind, America along with other countries need to have proper air circulation. This is crucial so that certain spaces/ situations feel safer overall.

Wellness Care Centers, local vitamin store – nutrition consultant, health coaching evaluated the HEPA air filter providers and chose to carry Austin Air products. “We’re thankful to carry this product so that we can help ensure top air quality for those who need it.”

These purifiers are made of steel with a non-toxic coat of paint overtop, needing no plastic at all, there’s nothing else like this currently available.

This is why WCC had to get our hands on it, providing you with only high-quality products, regarding health & wellness, we are here to serve!

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