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CHIOMA Company Unveils New Logo, New Brand Identity and New Website Design

CHIOMA – aspires to help our community live better lives through holistic products and services inspired by its African roots and tailored for modern lifestyle.

Dallas, Texas, USA – April 13, 2022 – CHIOMA collectively known as CHIOMA Company unveiled a new bold and unifying brand that supports its mission and represents its roots and heritage. This new identity transforms the company which was rebranded from LadiesBalance to CHIOMA in 2018 and sets a new direction for the company.

Over the last several years, CHIOMA has been dedicated to providing high quality products and services that enhance the wellbeing and personal care of its customer base. The company aspires to be a brand leader in the field of natural wellness and beauty and introduce authentic African and old world practices to the modern consumer.

The new text logo which was introduced in earlier this year in February of 2022 has a simple, sleek classic styling. Along with the text logo, it also introduced in February of 2022, a new icon, which pays homage to its Igbo heritage, inspired by ‘ọnwa’, the moon, a the symbol of ‘Ani’ – The Earth Mother in Igbo culture.

The recently rebranded website focuses on creating a seamless customer experience and elegantly showcase its new product collections and services.

Ebele Chioma,
Founder & CEO of CHIOMA

“After several years as a wellness and beauty entrepreneur, I was inspired to start CHIOMA because I believe there is a need for clean and truly authentic products that tell a story of their indigenous roots. Growing up in West Africa, I was fortunate to be immersed in a culture that celebrated natural healing and beautification rituals. My goal is to share these beautiful rituals with the world. Today I am extremely proud to unveil this new identity for the CHIOMA Company, it is an authentic connection to our roots and a new way forward that will allow us to better serve our customers and positively impact our communities simultaneously.”

Rooted in tradition

The original company was started April 2014 under the LadiesBalance name. As CHIOMA approaches almost a decade of being in business, the company is clear on its value proposition. It wants to utilize ancient and authentic African traditions as the base in which it develops its products and services. The African continent is undeniably rich in resources that can positively impact wellness of consumers all over the world and CHIOMA aspires to harness these resources to benefit its customer base.

Broader and better product selection

With a new brand identity comes a new selection of products in wider categories. CHIOMA introduced a collection of wellness teas, bath and body items, products for men and products for home. It is also looking to expand its physical footprint with a modern wellness and beauty space in Dallas, Texas. The new space which is anticipated to open spring of 2022 will offer various spa services, wellness beverages and also feature an expanded retail showroom.

Inspiring change

At CHIOMA giving back and positively influencing communities is strongly woven into its company mission. With its revamped company identity and as a woman owned business, the aim is to drive trade and economic growth in high poverty areas on the African continent as well as empower women all over the world. A percentage of proceeds from its sales goes towards this mission.

For more information about our company, products and services, please visit and our social media @chiomacompany on most major social media sites.

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