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JASMINER X4-Q: An excellent helper for ETC mining

Ethereum Classic (ETC), the original protocol of Ethereum, is currently the 28th largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, recording a price increase of up to 10% over the past week.

The price of ETC has been increasing since March 19, and although it recorded a small downside on April 7, 2022, it recovered immediately in the past 24 hours.

In September 2021, Etherplan’s Donald Mcintyre released his price prediction for Ethereum Classic, saying that the price of ETC could rise to $33,000 in 2029.

Although ETH is the preeminent smart contract encryption technology that gave birth to non-fungible tokens and DeFi, Mcintyre also believes that as ETC is discovered by the market, it will play a greater value in the cryptocurrency world.

Today, the market value of ETC continues to rise. With these consistently bullish and impressive earnings performances, ETC has led the cryptocurrency rally, making Ethereum Classic one of the top performers in the cryptocurrency space over the past month.

So how does the average person get Ethereum Classic at the current currency price?

Mining is the best way to get Ethereum Classic. Mining belongs to the main market, and most of the Ethereum Classic in circulation in the market is obtained through mining. Compared with other mainstream currency mining, the operating cost and energy consumption of ETC mining are relatively low, but the mining profit has always been higher than other currencies. This means that as long as the right time to enter the market is seized, it is possible to obtain a larger profit margin.

And, with the entry of Ethereum into 2.0, ETH miners will flock to the ETC mining tide, which will inevitably bring the ETC price to hit the high point again. At least in the short term, Ethereum Classic is definitely worth investing in and is expected to achieve higher returns by the end of the year. Therefore, the author suggests that miners must choose a mining rig with high income and good performance.

Recently, the global mining rig brand JASMINER released their latest quiet Ethereum classic mining rig: JASMINE X4 High-throughput Quiet server (X4-Q). In fact, some previous ASIC Ethereum mining rigs were also released by this company. But the difference is that this time, the performance of the JASMINER X4-Q mining rig is too powerful, and it brings a brand new mining rig highlight – quiet!

Judging from the official parameters, the hash rate of JASMINER X4-Q is as high as 1040MH/s±10%. While achieving such strong mining performance, the power consumption performance of X4-Q is also almost perfect. The power it consumes is only 480w±10%, the energy consumption ratio is as low as 0.46±10%J/MH. JASMINER X4-Q has carried out a comprehensive upgrade to the cooling system, and adopted a grille design to effectively increase the cooling area, so that the product can ensure high-speed data processing capabilities while also taking into account the cooling effect.

Due to the standard 3U form and grille structure design, the JASMINER X4-Q has a newly upgraded dual fan placed inside the machine, which can control the noise below 40 decibels, i.e. the overall noise is approximately equal to that of a computer mainframe, bringing higher cooling efficiency and lower energy consumption emissions, such noise level is not stressful even at home. 3U standard form, the shape is not only beautiful, the hidden lugs on both sides make the product can match the IDC server room and other more locations.

Overall, the JASMINER X4-Q is a rare best product in the current market in terms of appearance, hash rate performance, energy consumption and emission, and quiet experience. JASMINER has proven its strength in the field of mining machines again and again through its excellent technical level. The JASMINER X4-Q is currently up for pre-order and miners can get their orders through the JASMINER website.

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