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JASMINER’s new X4-Q open up quiet mining trend

As the crypto mining rig industry supply chain matures, new brands continue to enter the mining rig industry, and their entry, while stimulating market vitality, is also accelerating the industry reshuffle. In the era of escalating consumer demand, users’ requirements for the mining rig industry and brands are getting higher. Appearance, technology, cost-effectiveness, mining experience, etc., may become the key factors for purchasing a mining rig.

As a rising star in the industry and a leader in high-throughput encryption brands, JASMINER has never stopped on the road of mining rig product design innovation and technology research and development. Committed to integrating products into life scenarios for application, it has carried the banner of “energy saving and high cost performance” in the mining industry, and its leading mining trend of “high hash rate and low power consumption” is sweeping the world.

In April, JASMINER’s new high-throughput quiet server – X4-Q was launched on schedule, which is JASMINER’s first high-throughput server named “quiet”, deeply exploring the relationship and multiple possibilities of people, products and space, bringing users a volume no greater than 40dB and more extreme silent enjoyment, and pushing the traditional mining industry to continuously innovate and build a new paradigm of people and space.

Officially, the JASMINER X4-Q has an hash rate level of 1040MH/s ±10%, supports ETCHASH algorithms, and consumes only 480w ±10% power, with an energy consumption ratio as low as 0.46 ±10% J/MH. Due to the standard 3U form and grille structure design, the JASMINER X4-Q has a newly upgraded dual fan placed inside the rig, which can control the noise below 40 dB, i.e. the overall noise is approximately equal to that of a computer mainframe, bringing higher cooling efficiency and lower energy emissions. The 3U standard form is not only beautiful, but the hidden lugs on both sides make the X4-Q adaptable to different environments such as home bedrooms, IDC rooms, and professional venues.

All along, JASMINER fully respects the value of human life, always puts people’s needs first, and regards “humanistic care” as the basis for product design and creation. By building infinite love for the beautiful encrypted world and flexible use of infinite creativity in design, JASMINER continues to create a new mining experience of “high hash rate”, “low power consumption” and “strong comfort” for people.

From the entry-level lightweight “X4 High-throughput Mini server” to the flagship “X4 High-throughput 1U server” for energy-efficient mining, to the companion “X4 High-throughput Quiet server” for silent mining in the bedroom, each product is an iteration of technology and experience. JASMINER strives to give every family and user the opportunity to find the right product for them in a cost-effective way, so that every user’s trust will be rewarded with value for money.

Companies want to make good products, not anxious to tap the brand’s profitability to harvest users, to actively address the needs of users, to do brand with a longer-term vision, every performance improvement, every technological advancement in place.

Because of such a strong belief, JASMINER has become the world’s largest high-throughput mining rig service provider in the past two years, and continues to rank first in the world in terms of product shipments and market share. The customer base covers well-known enterprises in the global encryption field, with global agents in the United States, Canada, Japan, Korea, Europe and many other countries and regions. In the midst of trying and exploring the global market, JASMINER has found a brand path that can be practiced for a long time, a path with the best technology and cost performance.

The new launch of JASMINER X4-Q has set off a silent mining craze among crypto users worldwide. It can be seen that it is not just the innovation of technical means, JASMINER X4-Q brings more comfortable mining experience to more daily family life, redefines efficient and energy-saving mining methods, and also driven the entire mining machine industry to develop in a more mature direction.

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