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The Coach Inspiring Leaders to Reach for More in an Uncertain World

Mohd Prasad Bin Hanif, Malaysia’s top leadership coach, wants to create a new generation of leaders that are passionate about their followers.

The world appears to be changing faster than ever before, making it difficult for us to keep up. COVID-19, worker shortages, employee behavior change, climate change, narrowing competitive edge, political uncertainty, exponential technological discoveries and other factors make it feel like we’re living in a never-ending earthquake. According to Mohd Prasad Hanif, VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity) is the new normal, and we must all adjust to it.

VUCA is an acronym for volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. Volatility refers to the rate at which things change; uncertainty refers to a lack of predictability and information; complexity refers to interconnected systems with unclear cause and effect; and ambiguity refers to the difficulty of judging reality in a complex and turbulent environment. VUCA is dynamic and situational—things might appear to be very clear at times, but then move dramatically as a result of outliers, adjacencies, and disruptions. Leaders today, Mohd Prasad says, are dealing with a prolonged period of growing VUCA. 

“Rather than pondering when the metaphorical earthquake would end, business leaders must figure out how to lead more effectively in this extremely VUCA period,” Mohd Prasad adds.

VUCA’s components aren’t new, but the modern world has magnified them. Continuous change is increasingly challenging for leaders in the age of globalization, instantaneous communications, and innovation ecosystems. Tools for an organized and predictable environment from the twentieth century are becoming less capable. Management approaches based on command and control look rigid, unresponsive, and fragile. No matter how unpredictable the world appears to be, business leaders need to transform their company into one that is able to adapt and resilient.

Therefore, in a world that has become increasingly complex, there has become an urgent need for leaders and businesses that can adapt to the changing tides. It is this need that Mohd Prasad Hanif wants to fulfill through his leadership programs.

Mohd is an author, keynote speaker, trainer, and coach whose vision is to create a generation of leaders that truly care about those they are privileged to lead. He does this by organizing programs to coach leaders on how they can inspire their followers to aim for greater heights and reach for the stars. 

His VUCA Leadership Programs, for instance, cover the true cost of conflicts on performance, morale, agility and scenario planning. It also helps in identifying gaps and offering tailor-made solutions that an organization can use to survive the VUCA environment. In addition, there is a Business Reboot Consultancy that utilizes various business tools like Strategic Management and Business Model Canvas to take both businesses and entrepreneurs to the next level. Then, there is the Culture Reboot And Reset program that helps businesses manage, analyze, and adapt to change in today’s environment.

Employees or individuals are also not left out. There are human capital development programs that enhance their knowledge and skills while providing information and instruction on how to better perform specific tasks for the development of the organization and the individual.

Along with a team of experts, Mohd offers intensive leadership sessions that help leaders take control of every aspect of their lives. There are also team building programs for companies to unleash the potential of each employee involved and make them better able to lead themselves and others, while working together towards one common goal. All in all, the leadership programs organized by Mohd have been specially curated to hone the skills of leaders at all levels by covering leadership, strategy, integrity, communication, foresight, and creative thinking.

Aside from the programs, Mohd is also an avid writer and publishes his articles on the latest developments in leadership, integrity and technology. His articles also cover resources useful for business leaders to develop themselves and their business.

About Mohd Prasad Hanif

Mohd specializes in Leadership and Business Transformation. He is recognized as one of the top speakers in Malaysia and is a regular fixture in business conventions, world-class forums, business shows and industry publications. He is also a decorated business coach to over 500 entrepreneurs, organizations, and government agencies. Mohd is currently one of 100 Most Inspirational LinkedIn Icons in Malaysia.

He is also a business owner and sits on the board of a few companies. He is currently on the Council of the Association of Development Finance Institutions Malaysia (ADFIM) and acts as the Secretary General of the association. He is also the Chief Executive Officer of Darul Haq Global Ventures Sdn Bhd.

He is also passionate about climate change and sustainable development. Mohd Prasad Bin Hanif has organized and spoken on Sustainable Development issues locally and internationally on Technology, Development Finance and Poverty Eradication.

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