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GameFi 2.0 is coming, and MetaXgame is defining the future of blockchain gaming

The most popular concept of the current blockchain is the metaverse. In its original setting, the metaverse was a stronger internet that could have virtual identities. All virtual items within the network can determine their ownership through NFT and have a connection to the real world.

Blockchain can bring people’s life in the metaverse closer to reality. People control their own assets in the metaverse, and trade and convert these items and assets that exist in the metaverse. And these technologies can be realized in another way – blockchain. By building an economic model in a virtual world and combining games with blockchain technology, players can connect the virtual with the reality.

This is part of web3 and the blockchain independent industry – Gamefi.

GameFi 2.0

Gamefi combines multiple industries, including blockchain. GamiFi is also considered the perfect carrier to realize the concept of the metaverse. Gamefi has also been popular since 2017 with its play to earn (play to earn) economic model. The concept of “metaverse” in 2021 is very hot. The financial performance of Gamefi also makes it considered the basis of the future metaverse in the economic model.

However, the blockchain gaming space is very special, with many good/bad projects. Some low-quality blockchain games have many shortcomings, including: short life cycle, no playability, low user stickiness, no revenue expectations, no technical advantages, etc. Therefore, most players have insufficient understanding of the current blockchain games in the market, which eventually leads to a large number of players missing many high-quality projects.

From the macro market point of view, the current blockchain game field is constantly being evolved. Currently, new blockchain games have better economic models and higher playability. Traditional Internet companies have also entered the field. Now is the great moment for players to enter new fields and break the stereotype to create wealth. The future of the blockchain game market is gradually become clear, and the blockchain game 1.0 is being upgraded to 2.0. Ultimately, the market will make a choice and weed out low-quality blockchain game projects.

MetaX is a leading project in the process of upgrading blockchain game from 1.0 to 2.0.

MetaX Playability/User Stickiness

MetaX not only inherits the background of interstellar games, but also has high playability and user stickiness. It is also an industry leader in the construction of NFT applications and economic models.

MetaX is the world’s first blockchain game based on the interstellar universe. It is also a pioneer in the transition from card games to sandbox games with high degrees of freedom in the field of blockchain games.

Players who play games a lot should know that among all game types, sandbox games give players the most freedom of all games. At the same time, interstellar sandbox games are also the most difficult type of blockchain games to implement. Because the interstellar sandbox game requires more computing power and technology to support the interaction between players and the game.

Sandbox games are also the most rudimentary way of playing the metaverse. Through 2 years of R&D and testing, MetaX has created a universe within the blockchain. Players can not only enjoy different planets in the nearly endless maps of MetaX, but also earn real money in the game.

MetaX Gaming Ecosystem

MetaX players can not only earn money through the game but also increase their confidence, thus forming a virtuous cycle. MetaX’s concept of “freedom and openness” always runs through the game ecosystem. The game has a variety of ways to play to meet the needs of various players, allowing users to experience the game while improving the player’s sense of participation and achievement.

In the game, players can obtain tokens through games such as “energy system, PVP system, prop system, lord system, and guild system” to participate in and build the game ecosystem. X1 token is the core value of the game. Players can get X1 by upgrading equipment and exploring more planets, or they can buy territories by using X1. As more and more players enter the MetaX game, the demand for X1 will increase accordingly, which drives deflation of X1 amount and the appreciation of X1 value.

The entire eco-system of MetaX is based on DAO and aims to achieve complete decentralized governance. In-game transparency and openness are achieved through blockchain technology. Players around the world can participate in the game and get rewards from the game.

The current blockchain game play has entered a golden age, and MetaX will also lead the innovation of GameFi 2.0.

Token Governance(X1)

The X1 token is a digital proof of stake. Hold X1 tokens to enjoy the benefits of the MetaX gaming platform (eg: weapons, imperial weapons, defense gears, time-cooling items, councilor’s scepter, wormhole engine, satellite radio, etc.). With the development of the MetaX game platform, the demand for X1 will continue to increase, and the value of X1 tokens will appreciate.

The X1 token serves MetaX games and players can freely use it on plaaorm. Players can also get a territory system with special effects to achieve a win-win situation in the interstellar eco-system.

Token name: X1

Total Supply: 1 Billion

Chain: ETH

Smart Contract Standard: ERC-20

Realization of Value – Governance

Every participant in the MetaX ecosystem is a member of the DAO. Every participant in the game plays an important role in the governance and decisions of the MetaX ecosystem. Due to its free and open gameplay, players can freely use their own tokens, which is also a highlight of the MetaX game ecosystem.

Realization of Value – Blockchain Economy

MetaX allows players to participate in more ecological value applications of MetaX through a free and open game system (lord system, item system, baOle system, NFT item system…): players can attack each other to capture each other’s territory rewards. Only when the attack power is greater than the defense power can launch an attack .However, only players on the same planet can be attacked.

This drives players to acquire more tokens to buy NFT items, which in turn consumes more X1 tokens. This is a reflection of the value of X1 tokens.

Method of payment

X1 is obtained by equipment and game item trading, territorial expansion, over-the-counter trading and decentralized exchange trading. This can increase the liquidity and intrinsic value of X1.

MetaX’s advantages in its field

At present, the blockchain game field includes turn-based games, sandbox games, MUD, fighting, etc. These games are essentially card games. The main reasons for this phenomenon are the inability of the development team to develop new games and the limitations of current blockchain technology.

MetaX has a strong technical team that solves some of the pain points in blockchain technology. MetaX is superior to traditional blockchain games in terms of playability and user stickiness, which gives MetaX a leading edge in the field of blockchain games.


MetaX is currently the most anticipated game in the blockchain gaming space. After its official launch, MetaX will definitely become the leading project in the field. MetaX is still in the bonus period, and after more players enter, its ecosystem will gradually become solid. At the same time, MetaX is one of the most profitable blockchain game projects for new blockchain game players.

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