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“It’s Marvy Marv” Creator of the BARRRBERS Brand, Empowers Barbers to Leverage Social Media for Business Growth

Marlon Sousis, also known as “It’s Marvy Marv”, educates people in the barber industry on the importance of using social media to grow their businesses.

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Marlon Sousis, the creator of The BARRRBERS Brand, embarked on an East Coast tour of barber schools to inspire barbers looking to start their businesses. His mission stretches beyond empowering barbers as he is also appealing to content creators and young dreamers.

The BARRRBERS Brand is a passion project for Sousis that he has helped grow from the ground up. Being a barber, content marketing strategist, and entrepreneur has helped Sousis, known to the barber industry and social media world as “It’s Marvy Marv”, bring the barber industry into the world of social media, creating a successful and recognizable brand. Taking the lessons he has learned along the way, Sousis is helping others in the barber industry and the digital space leverage the power of interactive media to grow. “My mission is to help barbers, aspiring content creators, and dreamers, just like you, achieve success by giving you all the tools, resources, and information you need to be able to reach your goals faster.”

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During his 3-day tour, Marv interacted with novice barbers in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York schools. The tour, which was sponsored by Squire and Babyliss, was an educational tour offered free to barbers. It was also an event that publicized the upcoming Connecticut Barber Expo, the largest barbering event in the world. At the May 14th -16th event, Marv will be teaching a social media and content creation class on May 16th. “I went from sitting in classes at the Connecticut Barber Expo, to teaching one. Social media has truly changed my life.”

Social media has been such a blessing for Marv, that in 2020 he created his very own Interactive Social Media Course. The course is aimed at helping barbers and aspiring entrepreneurs learn how to use social media for marketing themselves and their businesses.

Marv’s interactive course is available on his website. People can sign up for the 6-week social media course that takes them on a step-by-step journey to creating better content, increasing engagement, and turning followers into paying clients. “By the end of this course, you’ll be able to create videos, pictures, and social media posts that are both creative and will help you increase sales! You’ll have all the skills you need to take your Social Media Marketing Strategy to the next level!”

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When Marv is not teaching barbers and content creators, he is working on his own brand and creating content around barbering to help barbers everywhere. Marv is one of the biggest names in the barber industry, and his BARRRBERS slogan is renowned in the industry. Through his social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, Marv shares content around barbering and how social media helps grow businesses faster than other marketing efforts. His YouTube features tutorials for barbers to help them streamline their skills, from assisting people to make effortlessly smooth fades to choosing the right tools. He also has a podcast where he continues to speak to people about his three passions, barbering, entrepreneurship, and content creation.

People can also purchase barber apparel from The BARRRBERS Brand at 

“@ItsMarvyMarv, and his BARRRBERS Brand have had a positive impact on barbers all over the world.”

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