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Kris James Launches Debut Album & Tours with Will Young

Pop singer, Kris James, is following the launching of his debut album with a nationwide tour alongside Will Young.

The pop music world is a place that boasts of one of the fiercest competitions in the business of music. Every day, new artists are churned out, hoping to make their mark and leave their footprints on the sands of time. But for the tiny few that do go on to achieve enormous success, there are a lot that have fallen by the wayside. This disappointing success to failure ratio tends to discourage most singers from even attempting to venture into a career in pop music. But for Kris James, the challenge only makes pop music an attractive career to pursue.

Kris James didn’t just stumble into music; he had always been intentional about it. He first achieved commercial success as a member of the celebrated band The Scheme. Not content with what he had already attained, his desire for more led him to strike out on his own and carve a niche for himself.     

Having taken a huge gamble on himself, Kris James announced his arrival on the pop scene with his debut album. It’s a move that seems to have paid off, in addition to earning him much-needed critical acclaim from pop music connoisseurs. According to one such critic, the self-titled album “features Kris James’ stellar vocal range and deeply emotional penmanship, evident in the romantic and tear-jerking narratives that run throughout, the album stands as a clear indication of Kris’ affinity for crafting pop cuts. And, while the feature of introspective lyricism and soul-baring confessions confirm the project’s intimate nature, its title works to prove that the album itself is a true extension of Kris.”

On what led to the creation of his album, Kris James says, “When I pick up an album, I want to love the whole thing, not just tracks one, four and eight. My mindset whilst writing was that if this proves to be the last thing I ever release, I want it to be a definitive statement; to be the best it can be. Each song on this album has come from real-life situations that I have been in, usually when I’m happy, sad, in or out of love.”

In typical Kris James’ fashion, he is not choosing to rest on his laurel as he has swiftly moved to the next thing. The multi-talented artist will be the special guest of the original pop idol, Will Young, as he embarks on a tour to commemorate twenty years of being in the music business. The tour which is expected to take place in October and November will see Will Young performing the hits and classics that spans his twenty year career. Kris James will also be at all the venues, doling out tunes from his critically-acclaimed album.

Kris James debut album is currently available on all streaming platforms. 

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