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Modern Electronica Introduces Laser Engraving, The New Trending Hobby For 2022

With laser engraving dubbed as the coolest hobby of the century, Modern Electronica leads the way in providing the best hobby laser engravers and laser cutters that are making headway in the market.

Modern Electronica, a leading company based in the United States, has unveiled its wide array of the best laser engravers and laser cutters for personal and hobby use. 

“The laser engraving and cutting business is not for everybody, and it is crucial to ensure that customers’ investment is not lost. That’s where Modern Electronica comes into the picture. We want to ensure they can safely laser engrave at home and give their designs a beautiful, professional look every time,” says Adam Thomas of Modern Electronica. 

Adam assures the team behind Modern Electronica provides all the information customers may need to make an informed decision for themselves and their business. Unlike any other company in this field, Modern Electronica also provides a full 90 days of mentorship and guidance to help you with whatever laser engraving projects you’d like to complete.  

The SCULPFUN S9, one of its top-rated products, uses the latest 5.5W laser beam shaping technology. The effect of this technique is to get a super-high-density energy laser beam. The difference between this technology and the traditional spot compression technology (S6 Pro /A5 Pro) is that it is more than just a thin focus. The entire beam is relatively thin, which can be understood as 3D beam shaping, and provides high quality clean cuts when laser cutting and engraving.

Modern Electronica provides guidance on a wide range of materials that hobbyists can easily engrave, which include Wood, Canvas, Leather, Glass, Mirrors, Acrylic, and More. The laser engraving area of approximately 17”x 17” provides them the freedom to engrave various shapes and sizes. Modern Electronica also carries the official extension kit for their lasers that can also allow you to expand your engraving area to 17”x39” for much larger projects.

Paul W., one of its customers, said he was completely new to laser engraving when he got started. He commended Adam Thomas and his team for helping him make an educated choice for what he was hoping to accomplish.

“I was up and running in no time, and I was able to cover the cost of my laser in no time selling the projects Adam helped me find,” Paul W. wrote in a review.

James M., another customer, lauded Adam and the team behind Modern Electronica for helping him get his laser engraving business off the ground.

“I certainly didn’t expect all the guidance I received building my business when I ordered my first laser from them. They also provided me with some great strategies for getting the word out. I ended up ordering a larger CO2 machine, and I’ve been able to scale my business since then,” wrote James. 

Those interested in the engraving process wanting to learn or in need of the vector cutting files used by Modern Electronica may contact the team right away. The team also assists in everything from building the machine, software setup, engraving settings, and even where to find all the unique designs to help get customers going right away.

Modern Electronica also offers free shipping on all orders, no matter where it ships from. Those who wish to learn more about Modern Electronica may visit the website for more information. 

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