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Nuceria Health Offers Bioidentical Pellet Therapy to Help Women during Menopause

The therapy will help clients start feeling like their young selves again.

Nuceria Health helps adult patients get the treatment they need to live a healthy lifestyle and feel like they did when they were younger. For women, in particular, they provide bioidentical pellet therapy, which is a safer and more effective alternative to standard hormone therapy because of its tailored nature.

Pellet treatment is most commonly used to treat menopause, with around 1.4 million women using it in the United States. It has been proved in studies to help thousands of patients feel better and achieve hormonal balance.

Hormone pellet therapy is regarded as a superior technique of hormone delivery for women. This unique procedure involves inserting 2-3 little testosterone or estradiol pellets — each approximately the size of a grain of rice — beneath the skin, into the fatty tissue of the hip. The pure hormone is released gradually, directly into the bloodstream.

The hormone is stored in the subcutaneous pellets, which allows the body to get a regular amount throughout the day and night. The pellets slowly dissolve until no residue is left. Pellets will usually keep a woman’s symptoms under control for three to five months. Because of the hormone pellets’ effective and progressive delivery technique, adverse effects are less common than with oral or injectable hormones. There are also fewer concerns with poor absorption, which can be a problem with creams, gels or patches.

The Nuceria team will walk clients through every stage of the therapy process. They are assured that by getting the therapy they need and prioritizing their health, they are living their life to the fullest.

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Nuceria Health is an anti-aging wellness center dedicated to providing clients with the tools they need to feel like their young selves again. The center offers a personalized approach to enhance their unique lifestyle.

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