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Shield Coin Launches a Token to Provide Insurance for Cryptocurrency

Shield Coin is the first and only token providing Cryptosurance to make investing safer

Shield Coin has launched the first token ever designed to provide cryptocurrency insurance to make investing safer for everybody. This is the first project of its kind in the cryptocurrency space. Cryptosurance is the only insurance that protects crypto holders against scams. This insurance protects a crypto holder’s original investment up to their active coverage amount.

The explosive growth in the cryptocurrency industry has made cryptocurrency projects an attractive target for scams, fraud and theft. Shield Coin is committed to making cryptocurrency investing safer by providing a token with investor protection. The Shield Coin team also goes one step further to educate the crypto community in order to help them recognize and avoid bad actors or high-risk projects.

“Before this, cryptocurrency insurance did not exist,” says Shield Coin founder Yushuwa Nettles. “If a holder was scammed, they had no recourse – no means of restarting their investment. We believe that every crypto investor deserves protection against scams, so we developed Shield Coin to do just that.”

Cryptosurance from Shield Coin is a risk-sharing agreement between the Shield Coin project and Shield Coin holders. In order to qualify, investors must hold a minimum of $250 in Shield Coin and invest in a low- or medium-risk project. Investors are given guidance on low- or medium-risk projects to invest in based on Shield Coin’s most current Coin Risk Rating (CRR) publication. Cryptosurance protects the investor’s original investment up to, but not exceeding, their active coverage amount.

Shield Coin launched on Binance Smart Chain to leverage the quick block speed and low gas fees. Shield Coin not only protects crypto enthusiasts but also rewards holders in $BUSD. Since they earn 7% stablecoin rewards on all transactions, holders can generate passive income while protecting their investment.

The team behind Shield Coin is determined to help crypto investors achieve financial freedom. With their cryptosurance solution, they are helping people do just that by protecting each holder’s investments and helping investors to earn passive income just by holding Shield Coin tokens. With Shield Coin, crypto enthusiasts can invest their money more confidently.

About Shield Coin

Shield Coin is the first token built to provide Cryptosurance – insurance for cryptocurrency investments. By holding Shield Coin, cryptocurrency investors can protect their initial investment up to their active coverage amount. In addition to protecting their investment, Shield Coin holders earn 7% $BUSD rewards on all transactions.

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