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Story behind mobile app Startshare

Story behind mobile app Startshare

In today’s society, technology continues to develop at an increasing rate. Almost every aspect of people’s lives are now evolving to the utilization of technology, especially with social media and applications. With the amount of time that American citizens spend on their phones, the ultimate way of developing a business has certainly become through social media and online services. Entrepreneur Ethan J. Dewicki knew this and developed a business for others to capitalize on online and social media usage. Dewicki developed his business, SwagShare LLC, and created an application to give his customers the opportunity to help others buy or sell products, share information, and sell services all in one application. His application, StartShare, allows users to do all of this and more. 

Dewicki’s business was developed in his dorm room in Tempe Arizona. Dewicki took a pause from college to pursue his dreams and moved back to the Greater Detroit Area in Michigan in late August 2018. His vision and goal with his app was to allow others to buy, sell, and trade countless items, as well as promoting their own goods and become hugely successful. StartShare makes it so easy for anybody to promote their own goods. On top of this, unlike his competitor Facebook Marketplace, Dewicki included many built in rewards offered to his customers for buying, selling, and posting on his application. 

StartShare is in the early stages of its development. Dewicki leads a small and passionate indie team who cares about creating value and opportunity for our users. When asked about what in particular he wanted to share about his business, Dewicki answered, “StartShare is a social marketplace that lets you talk, shop, and sell anything.” Through this application, it is easy for anybody to become successful and to develop their own side hustle. On his website and application, users will easily be able to make extra money, and have a very user-friendly platform to do it on. 

SwagShare LLC can be found on Instagram @startshare, Twitter @StartShareApp, and on their website.

Use StartShare to start buying, selling, trading, and posting today!

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