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Amano Financial Introduces the World’s Most Profitable and Sustainable DEFI Daily Yield APY Project

Amano Financial utilizes a revolutionary auto-staking protocol that automatically rewards all AMANO holders with 2.2% daily interest that auto-compounds in their client’s wallet every 15 minutes. Recently they launched the Profitable and Sustainable DEFI Daily Yield APY Project.

Utilizing Defi 3.0 protocols, Amano has developed an ecosystem that provides rapid returns automatically, allowing users to win big with little effort. Today’s skyrocketing advancements in investment options such as decentralized finance, cryptocurrencies, auto-staking, and auto-compounding allow for massive, never-before-seen gains for investors. One such investment project, Amano Financial, has pulled out all the stops to provide the most comprehensive and robust investment opportunity for those looking for maximum returns, promising a Fixed APY of 306,720.043 %!

More significant Yield with Lower Risk

Amano Financial utilizes a revolutionary auto-staking protocol that automatically rewards all AMANO holders with 2.2% daily interest that auto-compounds in their holder’s wallet every 15 minutes. It is twice as frequent as many of their competitors and makes it so they never have to worry about re-staking their tokens. They don’t have to jump through hoops on someone else’s website anymore; they just get paid! These gains are then backed by their innovative treasury algorithm, which uses automatic buyback and burns to maintain the price, protecting their investment and earnings. 

Amano also ensured that investments would be low risk by introducing the Amano Buyback Assurance (ABA), funded by 8% (3% buy and 5% sell) of the trading fees being redirected to help sustain and back the staking rewards. When earnings are calculated in a scenario where the ABA maintains the rebase reward for 365 days, investors who invested USD 1000 in $AMANO will earn USD 3,068,200.43 in just one year.

The Unique & Highly Profitable Amano Model

Amano Financial combines various complex elements and protocols that most projects have not yet been able to adopt. The AMANO token is a native BEP-20 token through which interest rebase rewards are paid, including one of the highest fixed APYs, a protocol that pays 306,720.043% annually. Investor’s assets are protected by elements such as the ABA and:

  • Automatic LP – 13% of the trading fees return to the liquidity, ensuring $ AMANO’s increasing collateral value.
  • AMANO Treasury – 3% of the purchases and 5% of the sales. It supports the ABA, funds’ investments, new AMANO projects, and marketing for AMANO.
  • AMANO Furnace – 1% daily burn separate from the automated burning in buy/sell. It ensures the total supply will constantly deflate against the user’s balance while their user’s balance continuously increases against AMANO’s complete collection.
  • Rug-Proof – There is no minting code and no manual adjusting. The liquidity will be locked, and the rebase time will be fixed.

It’s protected, it’s fast, and it’s insanely profitable. Amano Financial is taking the buy-hold-earn system to the next level with its comprehensive platform, which has so much more to come.

There’s a LOT More Freedom in the Future

Amano Financial’s Project has already outpaced competitors by offering far more benefits to their investors, but they have even more exciting advancements. Their work’s heart is the continuous advancement of decentralization, security, and sovereignty. They are working on a few new projects that are soon to release that take DEFI investing to the next level by further decentralizing banking and providing options for the Metaverse.


It doesn’t get much more sovereign than peer-to-peer marketplaces. The Amano DEX will ensure the freedom for users to safely make exchanges without any intermediary.

AMANO Launchpad

Early contributors can achieve incredible profits. The Launchpad project will achieve lightning-fast results by raising liquidity, catapulting the value of $AMANO.

AMANO Hero NFT & Airdrops

Amano Financial boast it is first and one of its principal utilities – its twist with Artwork NFTs to its highest level. It’s the world’s first digital art made by an artist and stored in the blockchain that made  “Heroes” and “Villains” of World History across Cultures into an NFT. Digital drew images of Isaac Newton, Maria Theresa, Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln and many more heroes. Plus their Amano Hero Audio Storyline NFT and Certificate.

AMANO Bank/ NFT Marketplace

Any investment can create a level of pressure that most wish to avoid. This stake 50/50 strategy removes some of the selling pressure. All users do is stake 50% of their investment in AMANO Bank for four years and keep 50% in their wallets. It also allows for more consistent and profitable growth of the whole system.


Gamers will have the opportunity to earn money doing what they love! The more they play, the more in-game items they collect, which can be traded for crypto or real currency. They won’t have to worry about losing what they earn in the game, as the play-to-earn model protects their progress.

Pioneering the DEFI Industry

In this fast-paced industry, true innovation is key to maximizing profitability. Amano Financials’ Ecosystem offers more options to its users than anyone else today, with the highest level of safety and security available. Whether they want to invest passively or take an active role in digital trading, Amano has come up with incredible options for today’s forward-thinking investors. 

Whether they intend to join others in the latest Metaverse projects to grow their income, simply investing with Amano commands some of the best returns in the market. These rates of return are almost unheard of, aside from competitors who haven’t quite measured up to Amano. Many traditional investors believed that the returns seen in today’s DEFI market were impossible, but Amano Financial is among the game-changers that prove them wrong.

About Amano Finance

Amano Financial is an investment company/project whose goal is to provide the highest returns for its investors. Their job is to create a safe, efficient way to reward their $AMANO token holders with the best returns available while protecting their assets. Their revolutionary financial protocols make it easier for investors to realize massive profits on autopilot.

Potential users must visit the website: for further information. Connect with the team through or

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