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Aurasound Creates Unparalleled Listening Experiences For Everyone

Great Sound Is Indiscriminating

The world is made up of all kinds of sounds. From a warm conversation between relatives and friends, a favorite song, to the immersive melodies and tunes found in the virtual world of gameplay. An audio technology brand designed by a team of engineers who value unique audio experiences, Aurasound implements the latest technology to develop and introduce high quality products that cater to all lifestyles and needs, welcoming anyone and everyone to enjoy the delights of great sound and music.

Established in 2002, Aurasound is committed to creating high-quality audio products that are simple, easy to wear and deliver excellent sound as well as quality. More importantly, these products are accessible and suited to blend in seamlessly with all lifestyles. Aurasound combines simple functional design with cutting-edge audio technology to create unparalleled listening experiences, bringing the deep rhythms, moving harmonies and bright melodies found in the day-to-day, to life.

Recently, Aurasound launched two wireless earphones in the US market, Aura FUNbuds and Aura BEANbuds. Both earphones deliver quality and high-performance value. 

Aura FUNbuds offers two modes, game mode and music mode. Users can switch between both modes according to their personal needs. Based on the dynamic changes in vocals and musical instruments, the earbuds power through beats and melodies, ensuring all songs are played for the best listening experience.

During music mode, AuraFUNbuds adopt the brand’s newly developed dynamic EQ acoustic technology, outputting the most suitable and customized sound for every user. It is also matched with a 13mm super-large dynamic speaker and ergonomic design that sit deep and comfortably in the ear canal. Equipped with a 45ms low-latency response chip and 5-channel virtual stereo audio, playing games on AuraFUNbuds’ game mode is an immersive experience that helps users with all kinds of gameplay.

4 built-in microphones supplemented with ENC noise reduction technology also enable high-stability environmental noise cancelling functions, which provide better speech clarity for undisturbed calls. Its long battery life designed to exceed the average daily use can last for 30 hours and up to 5 hours of continuous music playback after a single charge.

AuraFUNbuds sold at $66.65

Lightweight, compact and stylish, AuraBEANbuds are the go-to choice for those who value both great sound and great looks. No larger than a lipstick, a single earbud weighs only four grams. The earphones are also designed to be ergonomical with a rotational application and firm, yet comfortable ear canal fit for a nearly contact-free wearing experience.

Aura BEANbuds provide 9 hours of ultra-long playtime upon a single charge and another 30 hours with the charging case. Additionally, its 4-mic, environmental noise cancellation technology filters unwanted ambient noise for clearer, uninterrupted calls.

AuraBEANbuds sold at $49.98.

As lifestyles become increasingly complex, the demand for audio products with better sound, design and features are rapidly increasing. With over 20 years of professional experience in the design and manufacture of high-end speakers and audio devices, Aurasound products meet the increasingly diverse and personalized needs of the modern, urban consumer.

Committed to providing simple, convenient, functional and accessible audio products, the brand abides by its belief that ‘Great Sound is Indiscriminating’, and will continue to further develop products dedicated to all kinds of audio lovers across the world.

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