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Benefits and How to Use OMOTE Food Vacuum Sealer

Even though the COVID-19 pandemic has reduced, companies are still resorting to Work From Home because of various reasons. There are cases where employees were asked to report to the office once or twice a week in a hybrid model. Hence, the required food should be stored inside a vacuum sealer such as OMOTE food vacuum sealer.

The main benefit of using the vacuum sealer is that it keeps food fresher than just putting it into the fridge. The OMOTE food vacuum sealer seals food via vacuuming air, which keeps food fresh up to 5 times longer in the fridge when compared with ordinary storage.

The OMOTE food vacuum sealer includes three modes such as dry, moist and pulse three respectively. These modes can seal different kinds of food. The pulse mode can be used to manage the time and pressure of sealing. The vacuum sealer is integrated with a roll holder, which is able to hold a 5-meter sealing roll.

The built-in cutter can be slid gently to create a custom-sized bag. The Seal button can be used to seal one side of the bag. The product package is bundled with an accessory hose, a red wine stopper, one vacuum sealer roll and 5 sealing bags including other accessories. The sealer is integrated with a knife and groove. Now the OMOTE food vacuum sealer is available for $53.54 with a 10% CODE 10G3UTL7. The offer will be valid only for a limited time.

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