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Happenings™ Launches New Park Wedding Ceremonies Service in Central Park, New York

The platform offers a simpler, easier way to plan a beautiful, iconic wedding in Central Park, making booking wedding ceremonies as easy as booking flights online.

Happenings™ is a wedding events platform that believes a love story deserves to be told in a memorable, meaningful way. This is why they have created an efficient way for couples to book location, services and management all in one place. They offer custom ceremony packages with a wedding success team ready to help clients easily plan their Central Park wedding ceremony.

Happenings™ has been helping celebrants create exceptional wedding ceremonies in Central Park since 2008 and is now launching their new booking platform technology that makes creating and attending one’s wedding ceremony as easy as booking a trip online while saving a lot of stress and a lot of money.

All of Happenings™’s Central Park wedding ceremonies are designed by world-class wedding designer Tom Noel Who has worked on over a thousand weddings in his career. He has helped realize some of the most spectacular weddings of this era — from celebrities and the social elite to the likes of the Kennedys, Sarah Jessica Parker and Prince Alexander von Fürstenberg, to name a few.

Most couples dream of their wedding day for a long time, maybe even their whole lives — a dream wedding ceremony with the person they love, celebrating the love they share. Unfortunately, that dream is slowly falling away under the mountain of seemingly endless details it takes to arrange a wedding ceremony.

This can leave couples stressed and frustrated by a process that’s consuming all their time without them really getting what they want in the end. Happenings™ makes it possible for couples to still plan their dream wedding ceremony without putting their whole life on hold.

The Happenings™ team knows planning a wedding is stressful. This is why they offer a simple and streamlined way to plan Central Park weddings, down to every detail through their proprietary production process streamlining your ceremony ensuring your special day goes off without a hitch.

Happenings™ was created to assist couples in planning the perfect wedding ceremony from start to finish. Every Happenings™ event is overseen by a team of professionals who are uniquely prepared to oversee all aspects of their specific event. The team consists of event planners, event coordinators, production managers, and on-site managers — among others.

Event planners are the clients’ first managers, and they will walk clients through the process of creating a Happenings™ plan and obtaining all their specifics. Event planners have in-depth knowledge and a wealth of resources to assist couples and provide them with all the information they require to develop and reserve their Happenings™ wedding plan.

Event coordinators are their second managers. Once their Happenings™ plan is reserved and presented, their coordinator will help ensure that all the details for their wedding are in order. The coordinator will also assist couples in planning their big day until their production manager is assigned.

The Happenings™ production will be overseen by production managers. The couple’s production manager will begin confirming that their services team, site manager, details, and scheduling are all in line and proceeding as planned about six weeks before the event.

On the day of the wedding, the couple’s on-site manager will be their point of contact. They are well-versed in the following areas: location, services, customer interactions, guest management, and important production protocols. They will conduct walk-throughs and rehearsals and are in charge of client guest and team coordination on the day of the event.

Happenings™ believes that everyone deserves to have an iconic wedding to commemorate their love, which is why the team works with couples to design a once-in-a-lifetime experience with carefully crafted details down to the last flower — all matched to prominent spots throughout Central Park.

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