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Melissa Bunkers Debuts Women’s REVIVE Health Program To Improve Energy, Stress, and Monthly Symptoms

This 12-week Functional Medicine program was created to be the gold-standard approach to correcting common health issues many women face.

Melissa Bunkers is a Nurse Practitioner, Founder, and CEO of Revive Functional Medicine based out of Harrisburg, SD, and now, she has announced that she is offering a virtual health coaching program.

No woman should have to suffer the frustration of extreme fatigue, irregular monthly cycles, bloating, anxiety, and inflammation without answers to these problems. Melissa understands this issue all too well, and has made it her mission to give women hope and real solutions to healing their body when they haven’t been able to find them elsewhere. Her REVIVE Method Health Coaching Program is woman-tested and based on cutting-edge Functional Medicine training.

The problems mentioned above are very common for women, but that doesn’t mean they should be accepted as normal. Statistics show that 80% of women suffer from biochemical imbalances that cause exhaustion, gut issues, monthly irregularity, mood swings, and more. Furthermore, 70% don’t even know this is going on in their body. Many times it can be treated with a natural approach, but women are often told there is nothing that can be done.

The REVIVE Method was born out of a necessity to empower and inspire women that they are in control of their health. The body is wise, and can be healed if given the appropriate nutrients and lifestyle. “This health-coaching program is the best way to improve energy, manage stress, and reduce those nagging symptoms that make it difficult to get through the day,” Bunkers says, Founder and CEO of Revive Functional Medicine.

The REVIVE Program includes functional lab testing, an online course, weekly virtual group coaching meetings, and a virtual community of support. “It’s been a life-changing program for the women I work with,” Bunkers adds.

Program enrollment happens just a few times throughout the year. Bunkers and her team are excited to expand their reach into the virtual space.

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