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60 North American Companies Switch to a Four-Day Week

60 North American Companies Switch to a Four-Day Week
Momentum for a four-day week in the US is building, as 60 companies are set to participate in a six-month pilot program where workers get an extra day off per week, with no reduction in pay.

Momentum for a four-day week in the US is building, with another 20 North American companies now signed up to a six-month pilot program where workers get an extra day off per week with no reduction in pay. This is based on the 100-80-100™ model, meaning workers get 100% of the pay, for 80% of the time, in exchange for a commitment to maintaining at least 100% of the output.

These pioneering organizations are joining 40 others who began their journey with reduced-hour, productivity-focused working earlier this year in the first large-scale pilot of its kind run by non-profit, 4 Day Week Global. This brings the total number of US and Canadian companies to 60, with over 4,000 employees cumulatively participating in the trials.

Companies preparing for this phase of the trial, which launches in October, operate across a diverse range of industries. They offer services in the retail, construction, tech, marketing, design, finance and not-for-profit sectors, to name but a few. They include: 

– Graphic design agency, Friendly Design Co- Technology company, Sensei Labs Inc- Web and graphic design organization, Aeolidia- Architecture and interior design firm, Peck Peck and Associates

These 20 organizations have chosen to embrace the benefits of a four-day week after attending a series of online information sessions hosted by 4 Day Week Global, with many others expected to make the move this year. 

Participants will have access to a package of support offered through the pilot program, including workshops delivered by international four-day week experts and pioneers, mentoring by four-day week business leaders, networking with other pilot companies and access to world-class academic research. 

4 Day Week Global CEO, Joe O’Connor said: “More than a century after we invented the five-day week, the pandemic has paved the way for us to fundamentally rethink how we live and work. It’s long past time for us to challenge the work practices and norms that were designed for the second industrial era, and recognize that we have the productive capacity and technological tools at our disposal for the future of work to be shorter and smarter.

“Business leaders from the first round of trials are already witnessing the positive impact on their organizations, and I’m sure this second wave of pioneers will reap those same rewards and enjoy the competitive advantage the four-day week brings.”

One company making the move is Friendly Design Co, a strategic design studio based in Washington, D.C. and Omaha, NE that collaborates with organizations who repair our world and strengthen our communities. 

Founding Partner, Geoff Silverstein said: “We’re excited to join this next phase of the North American pilot and use 4 Day Week Global’s expertise to execute a smooth and successful four-day week trial here at Friendly Design Co.

“Our organization believes in collaborating to foster positive change in the world, and giving our team back one day of the week is a great way to do that. This will not only provide team members with time to fuel their own passions, but also yield the work/life balance necessary to achieve inspired outcomes for our clients and our communities.

“The four-day week is an investment in our organization and our people, as well as an investment in our communities and society.”

End-to-end field services management software company, simPRO can already attest to the benefits of a four-day week, as they near the end of their six-month trial which began earlier this year. 

CEO, Sean Diljore said: “After talking to our team about what they wanted coming out of the changes wrought by the pandemic, a better work/life balance was at the top of the list. 

“We consulted with the great team at 4 Day Week Global and joined their pilot program. As you can imagine, since we have a global workforce, we needed consultation on how to implement the four-day week on a global scale and not hamper collaboration or customer service. 

“The program has been a massive success for our employees, our leaders, and our customers. Most importantly, it has shown our team that we are listening to their feedback.”

While final first-phase pilot results won’t be available until it concludes later this summer, researchers are already observing some very positive trends.  

4 Day Week Global Research Lead at Boston College, Professor Juliet Schor said: “Results from halfway through our first trial are extremely encouraging. Employees report statistically significant changes such as less stress and burnout, better physical and mental health, more satisfaction with their lives and availability of time, and better and more sleep.

“We look forward to seeing if during the next three months these improvements become even more marked.”

For more information, contact:

– Hazel Gavigan on [email protected] (CC: [email protected]) or +353 87 293 2418.- Joe O’Connor on [email protected] (CC: [email protected]) or +1 718 775 5119.

Notes: For more information on our North American pilot program, see here.

The deadline for companies to sign up to this phase of the pilot is August 1st, 2022 with pre-trial support for participating companies commencing on August 3rd. 

The pilot will be followed by a team of researchers at Boston College who work with each company to define and establish their research baseline and relevant productivity metrics for the trial. The economic, social and ecological impact of the four-day week is also monitored throughout, assessing productivity, employee wellbeing, and gender and environmental impacts.

About 4 Day Week Global:

4 Day Week Global was founded in New Zealand by 4 Day Week architect Andrew Barnes alongside entrepreneur and philanthropist Charlotte Lockhart in 2019, following the world-renowned success of their pioneering trial of the four-day working week in Perpetual Guardian in 2018.

Since then, 4 Day Week Global has supported hundreds of companies from a variety of industries all over the world to run four-day week trials, or make the permanent transition to reduced hour, productivity focused working.

Their approach is based on the 100-80-100™ principle designed by Barnes alongside the Perpetual Guardian trial in 2018 – 100% of the pay, for 80% of the time, in exchange for a commitment to delivering 100% of the output.

This model is proven to deliver both improved company productivity, efficiency and performance, alongside greater employee wellbeing, engagement, and work-life balance. Research from leading international academics suggest the four-day working week can be a truly triple-dividend policy: better for the economy, better for society, and better for the environment.

Initially established as a networking community for like-minded people and organizations interested in exploring the shorter working week and as a vehicle for global advocacy, 4 Day Week Global has grown to become the global market leader in supporting businesses and governments who wish to experiment with or implement work time reduction.

The development of 4 Day Week Global’s pilot programme in 2021 has enabled the organization to respond to the exponential growth in demand for and interest in the four-day working week, and to shift to a model which can uniquely support employers and employees to run trials at scale.

Its ambition is to make a four-day working week the new default and reduced working time the new standard. Its intention is to lead and grow the global movement for a shorter working week to make this a reality all over the world.

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