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eCare Infusion Center has come forward to welcome the specialty infusion service patients from Coram

Canton, MI – July 21, 2022 – eCare Infusion Center is pleased to announce that they will now be catering to some infusion service patients from Coram. The leading CVS Specialty Infusion Services clinic is minimizing a few of their infusion centers in Michigan and would like eCare Infusion Center to service those patients. eCare offers a wide range of infusion services administered by registered practitioners.

“We are glad to share with you all that we are now taking in a new batch of patients for our infusion services. Coram CVS Specialty Infusion Services is minimizing a few of their infusion centers in Michigan and reached out to us for assistance regarding taking care of some of their infusion services patients. We are extremely grateful for the generosity that has bestowed upon us- most importantly, we would like to take this opportunity to thank them for believing in us. Coram has always been an industry-leader in specialty infusion services and we are confident that we will be able to match up the high standards for their patients”, stated the leading spokesperson from eCare.

eCare offers infusion services for a wide range of conditions:

● Immunity boost

● Hangover

● Weight loss

● Energy boost

● Vitamin IV Therapy

● IV hydration boost for wedding parties

“Infusion therapy offers the fastest way to deliver nutrients to the body. Infusion therapy is especially ideal when the patient is not in a condition to intake oral medication. These situations call for intravenous administration of medication and infusion therapy is a lifer-saver here. All our IV treatment kits have been prepared by certified pharmacists and you can be assured of an authentic and credible treatment.”

Speaking on, the spokesperson stressed on using the best list of IV medications for their patients, including both in-office and at-home patients.

● Remicade

● Orencia ● IVIG

● Rituxin

● Avastin

● Actemra

● Stelara

● Ocrevus

● Tysabri

● Entyvio

“We are backed by a seasoned team of highly skilled infusion-specialist physicians and registered nurses to ensure the most premier treatment for the patients. We maintain a safe and friendly environment to assure the most comfortable atmosphere for our patients. Our Michigan team extends a warm welcome to all Coram patients (for infusion therapy services) to our clinic for an industry-leading care amid a relaxing and friendly ambience. We also assure consistent support for our patients, right from their first consultation till the last visit.”

Added to infusion therapy, eCare also provides a wide range of other services, including, Substance Abuse treatment, lab services, COVID-19 testing and treatment, and vaccine administration.

“At eCare, we extend a wide range of services that aren’t usually viable in regular hospital settings. We proceed with each treatment with a personalized plan, tailored as per the specific needs of both patients and doctors. We bank on the highest advancements in medical and treatment technology- we deploy cutting-edge tools to ensure highly sophisticated, time-saving, and cost-saving treatment. We have kept the treatment packages at affordable rates to make premium standard treatment affordable for all.”

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