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Pakistan Needs to Tap Into the Vegan Leather Market

Hamburg, Germany – The vegan leather market is slowly changing around the world. Many players are coming in, and all of them are offering a unique material to create a vegan substitute for leather. In such times, Asif Ali Gohar is also one of those people, but his idea sets him apart from other people in the same game.

Asif has been experimenting with vegan leather since an early age after a high school project. However, the real turning point in his life came when he enrolled at the University of Hamburg and began testing various vegan alternatives to leather. Of course, it was a process of trial and error, but Asif was passionate about this, and he did not let anything come in his way.

After many failures, Asif found the perfect vegan leather substitute: rice. Yes, rice is the material that Asif used, but it was not easy. He worked hard to find a formula using yeast and acetic acid bacteria that turned the rice into a leather slime.

However, rice was more than just experimentation for Asif. He used this material because it helped him connect with his homeland. When we move to another country at a young age, we can tend to lose our connection and our identity with our homeland.

Using rice was a reminder to Asif of his roots and where he belongs. Of course, rice is important to Pakistan as it is one of the biggest exporters of this staple good. The people there are incredibly knowledgeable about rice, and the industry is huge.

Besides that, leather is also a big industry and contributes to 4% of Pakistan’s GDP. Using rice and leather will unleash the potential for Pakistan that it did not know it had. The only way to do this is to join the journey of Asif Ali Gohar and help him with his mission.

After all, Pakistan can use Asif’s vision to tap into the unlimited potential of the vegan leather market and grow its leather industry even further. It is always about branching out and finding new ways to make your country even better. Asif’s venture and business are still in their early stages.

That is because Asif has a plan and vision, but he does not have the money and the resources to execute his vision. So, he is looking for friends along this journey who can help him out.

A Call To Investors: If you are an investor, rice producer, or leather manufacturer in Pakistan, you can help Asif by helping his cause. Even something as small as insight can go a long way in helping him tap this market and unleash the potential of Pakistan with leather.

If you fall under this category, please feel free to get in touch with him today.

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