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Jaunty Baby Choice Launches Belly Support Pillow

Jaunty Baby Choice has introduced Women U Type Pillows for pregnant women at affordable prices. Jaunty Baby Choice is a leading women’s and baby shop from Malaysia with a wide range of high-quality products.

Jaunty Baby Choice has announced its new Women U Type Pillows. Women U Type Pillows are multifunctional pillows that can be used for selfies, nursing, and maternity support. Women U Type Pillows are a new class of multifunctional pillows designed to provide North American consumers with the health benefits associated with traditional Asian-style pregnancy pillows. It’s filled with 100% pure buckwheat hulls that mold to the shape of women’s changing bodies, providing comfort and support for both nursing mothers and pregnant women.

The headrest is contoured to cradle the cheeks and ears, and its attached neck support helps relieve strain on the spine caused by lying flat on the back during sleep. Because of this unique design, Women U Type Pillows can be used by pregnant women as they travel or get ready for bed at night. Lifting the head slightly increases blood flow to the pelvic organs, which aids in the relief of physical discomforts such as swelling and lower back pain. Additionally, it encourages a more restful sleep, which helps relieve emotional stress.

The benefits of the Women U Type Pillows product are:

1) The pillows have an adjustable design that allows users to personalize their sleep experience. They can decide how much of the soft material they want to rest on their body—this way, the users can move things around until they find just the right position.

2) The price of this item is lower than similar products on the market—Jaunty Baby Choice wanted to create an affordable maternity pillow that would not break the bank!

3) The pillow material is easy to clean and durable.

A recent study by the American Pain Society found that almost 70% of pregnant women experience pain, with 40% suffering from back and abdominal pain. The Women U Type Pillows are the first multifunctional pillows specially designed to accommodate a woman’s changing body, providing support for the whole body during all stages of pregnancy.

“As a mom-to-be myself, I definitely felt a lot of discomfort when my belly expanded throughout my pregnancy. I wished there were more pillows on the market that could support me in my various stages of pregnancy.” said the inventor of Women U Type Pillows.

About Jaunty Baby Choice

Jaunty Baby Choice is a Malaysian online store specializing in women’s, baby, and children’s products. Their latest item is a Belly Support Pillow that supports the belly during pregnancy. It is also great for the back, hip, and knee support or as a travel pillow. This pillow is designed to support pregnant women’s needs and help them find a comfortable sleeping position.

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