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When designers describe furniture as “modern,” they are referring to a style that became popular in the middle of the twentieth century. Furniture designers in the 1950s and 1960s began employing a more minimalistic aesthetic, creating pieces with slim lines, gentle curves, and neutral or monochromatic fabrics. Although furniture designs have continued to evolve since the 1960s, the mid-century-modern look is still popular today. Here are some tips for styling a modern sofa in a contemporary living room.

Select The Right Sofa

Though modern sofas share certain characteristics, consumers still have many options to consider. This is a great post to read about varieties of modern sofas. In general, a sofa needs to be a good fit for the owner’s lifestyle. People who have children and animals, for example, should look for a sturdy sofa covered in a durable and stain-resistant fabric. People with large families may need extra-long or sectional sofas.

Style is another consideration. Some consumers prefer a vintage look that harkens back to the mid-twentieth century, while others prefer a more contemporary take on mid-century modernism. Furniture retailers like Belleze Furniture typically carry a range of modern designs.

Consider Sofa Placement

Styling a modern sofa begins with finding the right placement. Most people put their sofa against the wall facing a television or a large window, according to This arrangement prioritizes the space in the middle of the room and the view from the sofa. In a large room, however, it’s possible to put the sofa some distance from the wall or even in the middle of the room. This placement allows a circular flow of movement and access to more wall space. Another alternative is to arrange two sofas face to face on either side of a coffee table, which creates symmetry and facilitates conversation. 

Add Color, Patterns, and Textures 

Since modern sofas tend to be monochrome, cushions and throws can add color, patterns, and texture. With a neutral sofa, use cushions and throws to bring in a pop of color. With a monochrome sofa, choose cushions in a complementary color. For example, light green cushions can brighten up a room that is dominated by a maroon sofa. In addition, patterns can also enhance a neutral interior design. Geometric patterns like stripes and checks work well to complement a minimalistic sofa design. Finally, using throws or cushions that have distinctive textures can make a neutral or monochrome sofa look more interesting.

Choose Complementary Tables

Sofas are almost always accompanied by side tables and a coffee table. Side tables and coffee tables add functionality to a living room and provide surfaces for displaying plants, photos, and other items of decor. When choosing tables, look for furniture that is similar or complementary to the style of the sofa. Simple tables with round or oval tops, for example, have a modern look, and they allow an easy flow of movement and conversation. See ”5 Tips on How to Pick the Best Modern Furniture for Your Home” for more ideas.

The clean lines and simple beauty of modern furniture are a mainstay of contemporary home fashion. With the right styling, a well-made modern sofa can be the perfect centerpiece of any living room.

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