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3 Ways Coolpo’s Division Master Is the Newest Breakthrough Tool for Meetings

Who would have thought AI Conference Cameras could bring unity in “division”? Working in today’s world means having the flexibility and capability to connect with many people, from all over the world. It’s no longer dependent on a specific location. People can work from home, in the office, and even on the go. Organizations from all over the world have adopted a new and hybrid way of working, and it has highlighted the importance of meeting tools to adapt to this faster and more accessible way of organizing meetings. One of the main benefits of hybrid work is the equitability and inclusivity of the organized meeting experiences, which can accommodate participants from every location. And hopefully, this provides everyone with a similar, immersive experience. This year, the AI Conference Camera, Coolpo AI Huddle MINI, seeks to help business in doing conferences and has launched their newest update with Division Master.

With the demand for collaboration and knowledge sharing continuing to grow, it’s more important than ever for professionals to find new tools that help their meetings and conferences stand out from the rest. When it comes to keeping meetings engaging and entertaining, Coolpo AI Huddle MINI’s Division Master will certainly help achieve just that.

More Collaborative and Connected Meeting Experience

Coolpo’s newest AI conference camera has just added a new feature to its array of AI-based features. When it comes to the future of business, collaboration and communication are key. As businesses become more global and decentralized, the need for efficient collaboration tools will rise. Coolpo AI Huddle MINI’s Division Master will bring more collaboration and connection to meetings and events than ever before. 

The new Division Master is an AI feature one can enjoy in the Coolpo AI Huddle Mini through an easy firmware update. Up to 7 onsite meeting participants can be featured in individual frames. The AI embedded into the Mini will identify the participants’ faces. By doing so, online hybrid meetings can achieve a level of equality among all participants whether they are onsite or remote. Since all meeting participants have their individual screens, nobody feels left out. Everybody can enjoy the spotlight.

The Division master unites everyone in the meeting by identifying onsite participants and giving them individual screens located around the wide-angle view of the onsite meeting location. It divides the 110-degree wide angle view into individual persons to give them more screen exposure, and not allow anyone to melt into the background.

When incorporating the Coolpo Division Master into meetings, one will find the ability to host real-time, cross-functional meetings and enhance cross-team collaborations simply and seamlessly. Seeing onsite participants individually helps to achieve an immersive meeting. Brainstorming sessions, huddle videos, training sessions, etc. are just some of the use cases of this feature. Coolpo AI Huddle MINI’s Division Master seeks to help remote meeting attendees to see people clearly when there are other meeting participants in the session. Coolpo AI Huddle MINI’s Division Master will display multiple video feeds from a single conference room, which will allow the Coolpo AI Huddle MINI’s camera to focus more closely on a group of participants and display specific people more clearly to the remote attendees. Coolpo AI Huddle MINI’s Division Master aims to improve the collaboration between all the remote attendees and online participants in the meeting. 

Coolpo AI Huddle MINI AI Conference Camera’s Division Master is the New Standard in Visual Collaboration

One of the biggest challenges during meetings is keeping attendees engaged and actively participating during the meeting. Traditionally, people would have to wait for someone to ask a question or share their thoughts and ideas during the event; a difficult feat when  studies show that as many as 70% of meeting attendees may have fallen asleep, or even if the person seeking to ask the question will not be recognized by the host, due to the many other participants in the host’s screen. This is not a problem for Coolpo AI Huddle MINI’s Division Master, especially with Coolpo’s newest Frame Master video setting, along with the 110-degree wide-angle FOV camera and a 6-microphone system with a pickup range of 8m or 26ft, which will surely help facilitate more seamless interactions between the host and participants. 

Coolpo AI Huddle MINI’s Frame Master Video Setting independently self-calibrates to better emphasize all participants. When a participant enters and leaves the camera range, the MINI will automatically activate its recognition function. Moreover, upon recognition, the camera’s newest algorithm update also autonomously frames the scene in order to perfectly capture everyone. Furthermore, when enabled, Coolpo AI Huddle MINI’s Division Master can focus on and organize up to 7 onsite participants and each of those participants will be provided individual headshots. This will greatly help the remote participants see their live facial expressions, and better help create an immersive meeting experience. 

Coolpo AI Huddle MINI’s Division Master helps provide the host and participants with a clear and live display of their current facial expressions, which is such a valuable visual collaboration tool that aims to improve engagement between the attendees of the meeting. 

Constantly Evolving to Meet the Demands of the Modern Workplace

In addition to providing attendees with a visually stimulating and interactive experience during meetings, Coolpo AI Huddle MINI’s Division Master allows people to share and engage with participants through the Target Master video setting. Coolpo AI Huddle MINI’s Division Master Target Master video setting will identify and track the speaker based on specifically dedicated gestures through the Presenter Mode. In Presenter Mode, the host need only raise his/her hand, and it will prompt Coolpo AI Huddle MINI to zoom in on the designated presenter and follow them around the camera’s field of view. In order to disable it, doing the same gesture should be sufficient. Another person can then move on to be the new host of the next part of the meeting, after doing a similar gesture, and the process repeats. This is an easier way to transition from one host and one part of the meeting to another. 

Also, Coolpo AI Huddle MINI’s Division Master Division Master creates individual frames for the active meeting participants in a small to medium collaboration space. Coolpo AI Huddle MINI’s Division Master will then arrange the grids in the gallery view to appear more organized, consolidating an AI to create individual video feeds of the in-room participants, and giving the remote participants a clearer view of their in-room counterparts. This Division Master technology automatically optimizes the meeting experience, and along with the abovementioned Frame Master and Target Master video settings, there is no need for someone to manage the room settings or constantly reposition the camera, making the meeting experience all-around easier and more comfortable. 

With the abundance of new online meeting tools, it might be easy to overlook Coolpo AI Huddle MINI. Coolpo AI Huddle MINI Division Master’s Video Conferencing software certainly has unique features particularly well-suited for team meetings. Thus, for companies looking for a new collaboration tool to incorporate to meetings, Coolpo AI Huddle MINI’s Division Master is the perfect solution. 

Here are three ways a Coolpo Division Master can help meetings be more productive and immersive:

– Increase Engagement: Coolpo AI Huddle MINI Division Master will efficiently collect and organize multiple video feeds from a single conference room in the in-person meeting place, and juxtapose that along with the feed of the remote participants which will allow the participants to find and focus more effectively on the host and their fellow participants. 

– Improve Collaboration: Coolpo AI Huddle MINI Division Master will steady its focus on the host and is simply doing a simple gesture, participants can do an action and catch the attention of the host and ask a question and share their thoughts and ideas during the meeting. The ability to get the attention of the host in real-time by the participant is certainly an easier way of interaction between the host and all the participants, which is a guaranteed way to develop communication between everyone attending the meeting. 

– Constant Evolution: Coolpo AI Huddle MINI Division Master is only one of the newest updates from Coolpo. With Coolpo’s current arrangement, there are more modern updates and improvements to be expected with Coolpo AI Huddle MINI. This is very important in today’s modern workplace, where information and meeting attendees’ needs are constantly changing. 

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