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Burbank Tree Professionals Uses Tree Removal Services to Save a Home Owners Swimming Pool

Burbank, California – Earlier today, Burbank Tree Professionals helped a homeowner within the town avoid spending lots of dollars on repairing a swimming pool. The homeowner called the company in the wee hours seeking help with the faintly hanging tree over his swimming pool.

“Burbank Tree Professionals have always known that such tree services call for immediate attention,” said the company’s head of field operations. “Therefore, when the homeowner called the company’s head office seeking help with his damaged tree, Burbank Tree Professionals knew it had to be prompt with its decisions. Despite being too early, the company’s team decided to meet the customer’s requests since further delays would have inflicted losses to the homeowner.”

The company’s CEO noted that the company often scheduled operations depending on the level of urgency. Most importantly, he stated the company had built a tradition around such an approach, and all customers somehow understood the concept.


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“The family had been researching several tree service companies for the last 4 hours,” said Derrick, the homeowner. “Settling for Burbank Tree Professionals took the family a riddled process with endless concerns of which company would act promptly. The company had vast testimonials that were otherwise convincing and were of trust from the customers that posted them. Let alone the testimonials, the family also noticed the company offered fair rates and was not going to strain the family’s pocket. The danger the tree posed to the swimming pool was unplanned, and most importantly, the company assured the family it was to be taken care of after a short while.”

Derrick mentioned the family was using Burbank Tree Professionals for the first time. He also noted the company had surpassed the merit expectations for the family to settle for its tree services.

The tree was dangerously hanging,” said the company’s head of operations. “A slight misjudgment on the procedure would see the family incur heavy repair costs. The company, however, has a crane, bucket truck, power cutting tools, and ropes. Most importantly, the tree removal team has a chockfull of expertise to see the procedure a success.”

The head of operations also acknowledged the risks and the consequences it would cause. He noted that his team had to respond immediately to ensure the homeowner was not worrying about the damage that was facing his home for too long. The company reportedly took all the necessary tools to make the emergency tree removal procedure 100% safe.

The team showed up at the compound 30 minutes after the call and were prepared to undertake the procedure,” said Derrick. “They talked with the family professionally and importantly toured the family on the procedure on how the tree removal was planned to take place. The team tied the hanging branch with ropes, which were attached firmly to the crane. The team later accessed the branch and trimmed all the minor branches and leaves to offset the weight of the main branch. The team later cut the branch from the joint connecting it to the main tree. To remove the tree, the team cut its base and then lifted it using the crane. The team showed a great understanding of the process and not a single procedure went a mess. The team later cleaned the swimming pool and left the compound neat. They earned the family’s trust.”

The homeowner mentioned the team went an extra mile of pruning the main tree to avoid such occurrences. The homeowner promised to use Burbank Tree Professionals services more profound afterward.

Burbank Tree Professionals are located at 2128 N Valley St, 91505 Burbank, CA. The company can, however, be accessed via +1 747-281-2972 and [email protected]

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