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It is Cheaper To Renovate A Home Than Move – Gracies Homeplace

Gracies Homeplace has said it is more cost-effective to redecorate a home than move to a new location.

A one-stop shop that helps people to save money when shopping online has said people can save time, money, and stress by renovating their home instead of moving to a new one. Gracies Homeplace ( which has become a one-stop shop for quality accessories that can bring life to the home wants people to stop and think before deciding to move.

In a recent survey, it was found that 64% of people who moved in the last twelve months have regrated it. Another survey found that 43% of all homeowners have at least one regret about their home. Moving home is not just one of the most expensive things a person could do, it is also one of the most stressful. Staying put and decorating a home can help homeowners save tens of thousands of dollars.

Gracies Homeplace who has just announced they are offering new customers 15% off their first purchases has lots of great interior accessories to bring life to a home. They cover every aspect of the home from the bedroom, and kitchen, to the hall. They even sell garden products and accessories.

The online store has not only gained a reputation for its quality home accessories, but they have also gained a reputation for how low its prices are. Their prices are so low that they recently hit the headlines when they challenged Amazon to beat them or match them. They are so confident that they cannot be beaten on price that they are more than happy for all the big brand names to give it a try.

There are lots of great interior accessories to choose from which includes the Nadu Plant Hanger Set ( It is an affordable and easy way to help decorate a home and bring it to life. Famous interior designers recommend using hanging sets in various parts of the home including the bathroom, hall, and kitchen. Thanks to the low prices at the popular online store, the Nadu Plant Hanger Set is available for just $62.99.

There are lots of great products and accessories available on the Gracies Homeplace store, to see the full range of products, please visit

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The online store sells quality products at low prices. All the products and accessories come with a full guarantee and a fast-shipping service.

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