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The Cahalan Group is Supporting Employee Retention With Education, Credit and Wealth Benefits

The Cahalan Group is Supporting Employee Retention With Education, Credit and Wealth Benefits
Through The Art of Homeownership, employers can give employees an additional no-cost benefits package focused on teaching them financial literacy and generational wealth with real estate and liability management.

The past year has shown a significant increase in employee turnover rate and a decline in retention as more people are looking to quit their jobs for work opportunities better aligned with their needs. Labor shortages are evident across virtually all sectors, prompting business owners to find new ways to keep their current workforce. The Cahalan Group has a solution. It offers a no-cost benefits package, The Art of Homeownership coupled with Hero Homeownership Rewards which focuses on financial literacy, debt management, credit, and homeownership plus additional savings and rebates for groups such as Veterans, healthcare, educators, law enforcement, and fire/EMS workers.

According to company founder Ron Cahalan, teaching employees invaluable life skills, such as financial literacy, is one of the most overlooked but most effective methods to improve retention. The 2021 Financial Stress Statistics shows that 73% of the American workforce are stressed about their finances, with most underprepared for financial emergencies. The rising rent and housing costs also add to the current employee burden, leading to poor performance, higher absenteeism, and a higher quit rate.

By learning about financial literacy, debt management and homeownership, they can improve their prospects of a stable future and eliminate the stress that’s blocking them from performing at their best.

“As a company, you thrive best when your employees are happy, feel appreciated, and perhaps most importantly, focused. What causes individuals to lose focus? Stress! Stress is mostly from external sources; more often than not, it has to do with money and debt. Unhappy, stressed-out employees are significantly less productive than happy, secure employees,” says Cahalan.

The Art of Homeownership Certification allows Cahalan to deliver a cascade of benefits for employers and employees. It equips employees with the skills they need to manage their finances better and understand the intricacies of real estate and liability management. They’ll be able to learn how to balance their financial priorities and make better decisions for long-term saving goals and growing generational wealth.

For employers, offering a financial education benefit gives them a chance to show they care about their employees and are proactive in addressing their stressors. This fosters a positive work environment, better company image, and a sense of loyalty that will allow companies to retain their top talents and attract high-caliber employees, resulting in sustainable company growth and increased profitability.

Today’s workforce is keen on acquiring new skills as it allows them to adapt to the changing business landscape and thrive. The Cahalan Group’s The Art of Homeownership partnership opens avenues for employers and employees to be successful in every aspect of finance and real estate.

Learn more about The Cahalan Group; The Art of Homeownership and Hero Homeownership here:

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