About Us

Our Story

Sometimes the best ideas appear by accident!

The idea for our service began when our two founders were working together at a tech startup, trying to get the word out about a brand new product they had developed. They found the process so expensive and confusing, that they decided to not only do it on their own, but also start US Newswire to make life easier for other entrepreneurs (as well as established businesses) who encounter the same frustrations they did.

What Makes Us Different

Every service provider out there claims to be different. You will have to take our word for it – we really are! Started by former product developers, our company is built from the ground up to make life easier for those tasked to communicate the news about a new product or service offering to the world.


Our interactions with you will be focused on one and one thing only: delivering your news in the most efficient and affordable way to the desired audience.


You have already spent considerable resources bringing your product or service to the market. We believe that spreading the word does not need to cost a fortune.

Measurable Results

Our job is not over when we send your news out. We will help you understand who saw your news, what they did after seeing it, and who else you should be targeting.